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  1. W

    AD08R Kwik fit - Cheap!

    Hi guys, Just picked up 4x AD08R From Kwik fit and was quoted £57 a corner without fitting and balancing. Just been to Collect and he mentioned there is also a 25% off if you purchase 2 or more Yokohama tyres! Worked out £42.75 or £171 for all 4, 195/50/15. Bargain I Thought!
  2. Archtects

    Wheel studs and nuts. Best length?

    Hello. Looking to get some studs, I take my wheels of a fair bit and I'm fed up with horrible rusty bolts. + I got new wheels. One I've finished spraying them and cleaning them up. (I brought them black. Crumbling black) I'm not running Spacers. And my wheels are only et35. Do you think...
  3. Archtects

    Wheel studs lengths. No Spacers.

    Ive been searching around and alot of people have asked similar questions. But I need help. I'm hoping I'll be getting some new fox ms006 wheels and I want to use studs, quick change for the odd track days hopefully. I understand front back stud lengths are different? Basically Id like to put...
  4. edwarj123

    Reasonably priced track tyres

    Hi, I have 2 sets of wheels, I was going to keep 1 set for the road and the other just for track use (only a few times a year). What sort of 15" tyres should I be looking at for the track that are reasonably priced? Thanks
  5. N

    "Nicole" - The Clio 182 budget track car project

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum having only purchased a RS 182 recently with my friend Gary. We're going to turn it into a track day toy. Made a little video of us going to buy it. Going to try to post videos of each step of the modifications we make. Neil.
  6. Scrooge

    Day spent at Silverstone!

    I was lucky enough to tag along to a track day at Silverstone today, was some properly lovely metal floating about the place. Always love going to Silverstone. Well except Ford Fair. I tried to take as many pictures and video as possible but I was too busy talking most of the time, anyway this...
  7. rem1859

    A few photos from FCS 2017 Donington Park

    Thought I'd share a few photos taken yesterday at French Car Show 2017. My son is an avid photographer so as usual came armed with his camera. Here is a pic of the stand, my car on far left having come back in after track time: He shot a few Clios flying by the pits on the long straight too...
  8. JP83

    Steering Wheel and Boss recommendation

    So I already have a Sparco dished wheel, and I believe an OMP boss. However, with my B&G quick release fitted, the wheel is a tad close to the gut. Long term solution = lose some weight. Short term = a flat wheel, and maybe a shallow boss? Any recommendations on something that won't break the...
  9. Hazza462

    RB PH1 172 Rally Car Progress

    So two weeks ago me and my girlfriend (Alex) bought a ph1 172 car with a full weld in roll cage by Custom Cages. We wanted it as a project to do over the summer break whilst off University and our intention is to have it as a track only car and maybe compete in it one day . The pics below show...
  10. Captain Hat

    Recommendations for a track car

    I'm building a 172 Cup into a track car. My main priority is gonna be suspension and brake setup to start with (though I am easily distracted by shiny things) but I have no idea where to start. My goal is, obviously, improved handling. I plan to do most of the work myself; I've worked on...
  11. JB21

    Anyone running a Torsen Diff & 5.25 Final Drive?

    Wanting more track performance from the Clio but just cant justify the costs of cams, ITB, turbo etc. So my thinking is the above set-up on standard engine with a EFI basic remap coupled to intake and exhaust only. My box is in need of a rebuild so whilst that would be getting done I'd have...
  12. Darren61

    Project Inferno

    Having owned a few RenaultSports over the years (including a LY R26, Titanium 182 and my current daily a 175 DCI) I decided that this year I would get myself a 'toy' for track days (living in Silverstone is also quite handy for this). I knew it had to be a 172/182 and since January I had been...
  13. 20vKarlos

    20vKarlos' - Renault Clio 172 - Track Car Project - Possible Disaster

    Hello all A bit of a long introduction to bring you guys all up to speed... A few years ago before I was married, I told the mrs that I wanted a project car once we were married, she agreed and said "As long as I get to help then that's fine!" - Result :smile: So, we've been married 18...
  14. Captain Hat

    Looking for replacement 172 Cup parts

    What's the best place to look for replacement stock bits for a 172 Cup? I'm looking for brake discs and pads, shocks and springs just now. None of it's urgent, but I like to start doing my research early. On a not entirely related note, what's the most cost-effective route to go down if I'm...
  15. JB21

    Left foot braking for track work...

    So over the last few weeks I've been putting this into practice, first in the i3 as its easier being an auto then once confident enough took it to the derv daily, really getting the hang of it now coupled with heal & toeing but there’s only so much you can push it on the road without it being...
  16. AdamCup

    Long Term Track Car Project

    Hi all, Been around here for a while and finally became a full member last month, Also got my 1st Clio :-) Got it off my mate for a good price, its a 05 FF Cup 182 on 92k. Its going to be a long term project due to family commitments. Plans are: Strip down Cage Seats Harnesses Steering Wheel...
  17. D

    Clio 182 Track Car

    Hello Here's my 182 track car purchased earlier this year, it's not road legal and all of the work done to date was done by the previous owners and so far its a good job.
  18. Sir_Dave

    Mini R56 JCW

    So, my Trackshed R53 ( is currently smoking like a chimney & needing the valve stem's doing, so last month i bought a Lohen BVH. However, by the time id worked out that i also needed a Janspeed manifold, Tomcat, Catcam &...
  19. Dan hood

    Car setup for track

    If you,re looking to take to the track for either track days or racing then go have a read of the articles on this website, they give some really good information on how different things may change the characteristics of your car. Take a look.
  20. RossDC

    Track Clio 182 cup (pic heavy)

    Morning all. Thought it was about time I registered and stopped lurking. Currently share a Clio 182 Cup with my co-driver Steve that we use exclusively for trackdays. Bought about 6 months ago we've built it up at home into something we're now pretty happy with. I come from a background of...
  21. M

    Newbie Track Car Advice

    Hello to all..... I am a newbie to this forum, to Clios and to track cars really! I have always loved cars but essentially quick road cars and have owned a CTR, Focus ST, Z4 Coupe in recent years but have essentially no mechanical knowledge or no how! I have only ever done one track day in the...
  22. B

    Importance of trackday oil?

    I've recently done an oil change and used Fuchs supersyn 5w-40, fully sythetic oil but their cheapest line. Plans have changed and I've now decided I want to do a few trackdays over winter, car is standard power and won't be revved over 7k. Is it a safe idea to replace oil with something like...
  23. Sunglasses_Ron

    ClioSport Festival 2016 - Book Tickets Now!

    Full information and Tickets now available: See this page for 'Early bird' discount code for Paid ClioSport Club Members Only
  24. S

    Performance ford track day pics!

    Hi guys appreciate its not a Clio but me and the Mrs and a few of my pals recently attended the performance ford track day at brands, was a cracking day once the fog lifted some good driving from near enough everyone made it an enjoyable day! Car is her car and it's a big spec lol focus st with...
  25. Jimbob 2705

    Does changing wheels affect tracking?

    Possibly a really stupid question here, Fitting camber bolts on the front and putting some 10mm rear axle spacers on, and would like to get the car set up / geometry done For winter I'm running my 182 Alloys, and I'm getting my Turinis refurbished which I'll put back on once winter has gone...
  26. J

    Silverstone Trackday... (and not an MX5 in sight)

    Those of you into your trackdays probably see Silverstone pop up, and you'd be right in thinking some of their days are quite pricey. These seem to attract a certain clientele, and if I know there's one on I've started trying to pop in for a good look around. There are usually some quite exotic...

    Engine cooling on a track

    Hi all, I have recently bought my 182 and have booked up for a track day this coming Wednesday, I have been over the car and carried out a full service, replaced brake fluid, and had my wheel alignment set up but I was wondering if any of you guys have had any issues with engine cooling on the...
  28. JustCallMeMac

    Hoping to buy a track day car - what to look out for and ideal spec?

    Hi, Have just joined the forum as I'll be looking to buy a track-day ready Clio 172/182 over the winter. Not interested in a project as been there with Evo's, Subaru's and a Westfield so looking for something pretty much 'ready to go,' baring a few possible tweaks. Was wondering if a guide /...
  29. roachy1994

    track car interiors :)

    Hi can you all show me your track car interiors please for some ideas and inspiration:) cheers
  30. R

    Track day slicks and wets

    Hi all was wondering the best place to buy some 15" slicks to use on trackdays part worns ideally to keep cost down and also 16" wets any advice appreciated thanks Rob