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GSF, CarParts4Less & ECP discount codes!
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Discuss the latest codes, offers and deals from the major parts suppliers here.

Don't shop for car parts without checking out this thread first!
All 197/200’s on the forum. Get in here!
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Let’s get an idea of how many we have on the forum. There seems to be a bit of a myth that CS is solely for 172/182’s.

Need to up our 197/200 game!

Clio 16v track car from scrap
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Hello guys, my name is Ivan and I'm from Bulgaria. Here in my country we don't have many valvers around, as I'm aware they are around 20-25 for the whole country.
So far I've had 2 of them for dailydriving in past 3 years.
This year a friend of mine borrow the car from me and smashed it under one truck...
We've decided to rebuild it and make it a real racecar under FIA regulations for our national hillclimb championship, but here in our country the money we earn is NOTHING... (for example the average wage for a MONTH is 700BGN which is less than 300GBP) so its really hard for us...
So... the crashed car is in pretty bad conditions, but according to local specialist is fixable.
During the months waiting to save some money... i ended up Buying a second Clio 16v and crashed Clio sport 172.
The thing I have done so far is:
- Stripping completely the 3 of the bodies.
- engine from the crashed Clio 16v - F7R710(megane 2.0 16v) is out for rebuild
- engine from the crashed Clio Sport -...
TRAX 2018 - Join us on the club stand!
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We are pleased to announce that we will once again be officially attending TRAX this year as one of our clubs national events.

Join the us with your car on the club stand at one of the biggest events of the car show season

Receive an exclusive TRAX T-shirt or Hoodie and Souvenir Magazine with every adult ticket ordered

Book your club entry tickets now!
ClioSport Festival 2018
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ClioSport Festival 2018 will be held on August bank holiday weekend.

The main event/track day will be on Saturday 25th August but you are welcome to arrive to camp on Friday 24th so that you’re all ready for Saturdays activities.

Saturday evening will once again include entertainment and hot food provided by a professional catering company.

Full details and ticket bookings here

Hope to see you all there!!!

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