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Clio 16v track car from scrap
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Hello guys, my name is Ivan and I'm from Bulgaria. Here in my country we don't have many valvers around, as I'm aware they are around 20-25 for the whole country.
So far I've had 2 of them for dailydriving in past 3 years.
This year a friend of mine borrow the car from me and smashed it under one truck...
We've decided to rebuild it and make it a real racecar under FIA regulations for our national hillclimb championship, but here in our country the money we earn is NOTHING... (for example the average wage for a MONTH is 700BGN which is less than 300GBP) so its really hard for us...
So... the crashed car is in pretty bad conditions, but according to local specialist is fixable.
During the months waiting to save some money... i ended up Buying a second Clio 16v and crashed Clio sport 172.
The thing I have done so far is:
- Stripping completely the 3 of the bodies.
- engine from the crashed Clio 16v - F7R710(megane 2.0 16v) is out for rebuild
- engine from the crashed Clio Sport -...
The trials & tribulations of racing a Clio
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My story of how I got into racing and of course as I continue to persevere with one of the most frustrating, expensive and yet still most rewarding pastimes anyone can undertake I hope to tap in to the wealth of knowledge and experience everyone on here has to offer in my quest to maybe one day actually win some silverware!

To start with I have pasted in my blog on my website that sums up the last 2 and a half seasons and brings me to where I am now; about to start assembling a new race engine in time to get at least one or 2 races in this season.
Project: Nick Frost 172
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So it's finally happened....

Nick Frost has gone and got himself a 172! After a 2nd trip to Llandow this year (August 2014), enough was enough.
Ever since being taken out in a Renault Sport Clio, I'd had a hankering for one.

The plan was to buy one on the cheap (very cheap!), and slowly build it up from scratch to something road legal, but fit for the track.

Money was put aside, and a budget of £500 was set for the car. I began looking for Clio's mostly on eBay. Mostly because the stuff on here is very nice and it'd be a shame for my grubby hands to basterdise it.
I found a silver 172 on eBay, located in Ampthil, Bedfordshire, and saved it to my favourites.

The days counted down, and I thankfully got a decent last bid in. For the grand sum of £377.26, I owned my first Renault Sport. Fantastic!

Today, I headed over to Ampthil to meet Jamie; the seller. Turns out the clio was already sporting some stickers - the keyring is also the bottle opener one from the...
The everlasting ph1 ITB Build
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the decision was made on the plans for this car the same day and just hours after i went and looked at what was going to be by next car, a toyota glanza, in the end i chose not to go down that route as for the same money if not more i was getting something very dated and not possibly as reliable.

Me and TomS then proceeded to come up with ideas over starbucks and this is what we come up with after a few other ideas.


the plan is for coilovers, to refurb the standard wheels something a bit different, this theme will be run through the car. breathing mods, stripped interior with bucket seats and harnesses and a general tidy around of other parts.

so this is how the car started


after i hit a badger i needed the front bumper resprayed and fitted...minty mcmint

the standard wheels which were lying around were then stripped of the tyres and taken to the painter / sprayer. (the r19 wheels are sold)...
so this is how.

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