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Project Log - Ph1 Flame Red 172

Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep
Most expensive purchase for a car I've ever made has been fitted.

PMS Racing exhaust for a 182 manifold with centre silencer. Big big thanks to @Djw Dave for all the pedantic cutting of the tailpipe and bumper.

Unfortunately the tailpipe was damaged in transit and PMS are currently out of stock. So rather than sending it back for repair (I'd have preferred new but need the car/exhaust for FCS) we took the decision to cut the dent off and go for a straight cut rather than slash.

I'm not very bothered about slash or straight cut but what I do love is that it's just a little bit shorter than it was.

Anyway, pics are better than my babbling on.


Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep
Well this isn't quite the FCS/Donington write up I hoped to do....

Started off well, got the cars ready and packed up with time to spare which is hugely unusual for us and met at @DJW Daves work ready for a sweaty 5 hour jaunt south




5.5 hours later and still 50 miles away thanks to some shite traffic this is how it looked


Dave can't help but catalogue pose 24/7. Broke down with no warning at all just where the M18 joins the M1, since we had a fair amount of spares with us we spent a hour trying everything before giving up and calling the AA. They diagnosed it as a seized fuel pump, certainly no fuel was getting through and he said he heard and felt it prime but then stop. We'd already sanded the relays down to no avail.
Given that Dave only had 1 seat in his car it left us with a bit of an issue, either I could go home with the car or we could overpack the RB and move the seat over. The patrolman was sound and said he'd flat tow me to Rotherham where we could do what we needed to do.


So he did, towed me straight into the Halfords car park which had a cruise happening. Mildly embarrassing with all the cheers on arrival!

But we quickly did what we needed to do and got back on the road at 2145, having had no dinner and still a hour to go.


Due to all the delays we then hit the M1 nighttime closures and didn't make it to the hotel until 2315, pizza and beer were ordered immediately.

It's fair to say we were both pretty dejected at this point and I just wanted to go home but f**k turning round after it taking 12 hours to get there. Dave had said I was to use his car but I wasn't even sure if I wanted to drive it at all. Our mate Henny (sorry, can't remember your CS username!) had also offered his car and so had Mark Alsop which was incredibly kind of them but my head was a mess.

It wasn't until I was passengering with Dave in the morning that I decided I was going to drive and I'm so glad I did. It saved the weekend, what a superb track. Said that I wouldn't push too hard since we were down to 1 car, it wasn't mine, it had done a track day that morning, it was 28 degrees and we still had 300 miles to go home. But I'm f**king useless at not going flat out and ended up managing a 1:28 which I was pleased with for my first time round there and the only mods being ds1.11, sportlines and R888s. Can't thank Dave enough for letting/making me take his car out.


We split the journey home up and stayed at Daves uncles house in Heysham which was great cos we were knackered after the emotional roller coaster and heat!

For as nice and helpful as the AA patrolman was as a company their comms were shite, the car got left in Ferrybridge services for 2 nights with my track wheels in it and the key on top of a wheel I assume. Think I made 8 phone calls to them in the end and it eventually arrived home at 7pm on Sunday night, just before their 48 hour cut off.


And after all that, it was the fuel pump relay, cleaning a broken one was never going to fix it. Kicking myself for not packing 1 but thats hindsight for you.

So yeah, to end, massive thanks to Dave everything, Henny and the rest of the crowd down there, the FCS staff that made swapping the session over easy and the sound AA guy for not being a bellend!

And f**k you very much fuel pump relays.


ClioSport Club Member
  Megane Trophy No.183
It does look good on the back of a trailer though so it's not all doom and gloom :)


ClioSport Club Member
  330ci coupe, 172 cup
New exhaust looks great. Gutting about the break down though. s**t happens. Least u still got to drive the track.

Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep
New exhaust looks great. Gutting about the break down though. s**t happens. Least u still got to drive the track.
Yeah, can't thank @Djw Dave enough for that. Especially given he knows what I'm like! It's an awesome track. Knockhill is superb but there's something about Donny that's special.

Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep
Well things still aren't going that smoothly but going to Knockhill tonight so hopefully it all holds together!

First thing is a simple one, time to buy an ITG filter!


Diagnosed that the fuel pump was definitely not happy so swapped that out, didn't want to mash the locking ring and it wouldn't budge with the usual hammer and screwdriver method so went all Ed China and made a tool


If it looks s**t but works then it isn't s**t!

Confirmed that the fuel pump has had some corrosion over the years, I've put this down to 2 or 3 winters of not being used and a good year off the road all with very little petrol in it


When you compare it to the newer one you can see the differences


So now the fuel pump was basically silent and sounded much much less fucked I thought all would be good. But no. It did 1 successful journey and the next day it started misfiring like a b*****d once up to temp. Was beginning to suspect the first lambda when the EML flashed on and then confirmed it.

At this stage I was still putting it down to a bad batch of fuel. That was until I saw this.


So what I think has happened is that yes, the fuel pump seized and blew the relay. When we first replaced the relay it still wouldn't work, then a hit with a rubber mallet kicked it into life. But at the side of the road we checked pretty much every bit of wiring that we could, at some point I must have moved the lambda plug and its rested against the manifold. Once I'd fixed the fuel pump and taken it a drive its been fine, then the plug has melted and caused the next problem to run consecutively. Replaced the lambda and wiring thanks to @Djw Dave for donating to the cause and thats got it running again.

The next issue is once up to temp its now idling at 2k!! So ICV replaced, the cable is new anyway so now ordered a new TB gasket which hasn't arrived yet but I'll do it asap. The rad also needs replaced as its just started weeping ever so slightly. After that lot is hopefully a trip to EFI.

And one last pic, all packed and set for tonight, keep your fingers crossed!



ClioSport Club Member
A busy wee week for the flamer again.
After the brake bleeding and swapping and clean on Sunday I remembered that DS1.11 squeal like f**k, especially when cold. So, every little bit of heat helps...

View attachment 1370208

Professional to a fault I tell you. Then back to automek for an alignment check as I was sure something had moved during my high speed off roading session.

View attachment 1370209

I was right! So with that sorted there was nothing left to do but track it! It was touch and go if it was going ahead with the amount of wind we had yesterday.

View attachment 1370210

View attachment 1370211

View attachment 1370212

View attachment 1370213

View attachment 1370215

Then of course what else is there to do after a track day bar more work like putting it back to road brakes and emptying all the tools out.

View attachment 1370214

I've done 3 days on the DS1.11 now and I'm really happy with how little they wear and how well they hold up. But, they're wearing a bit funny. I've been religious about making sure they're always used in the same position. Anyone any ideas? @George@RTR_Parts ?

View attachment 1370216

I think I'll swap inner and outer for the next one and accept they'll feel a bit crap until they're level again.
My CL5 did this and I ended up finding a pair of low mileage caliper carriers and fitting new pins to get rid of the slack.

Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep
My CL5 did this and I ended up finding a pair of low mileage caliper carriers and fitting new pins to get rid of the slack.
New set is on the very very long to do list but these work fine for now. They quieten down when warm but they're really not road pads!
  Rb 182/Barn find Evo
Looking forward to tonight, hopefully the rain stays away and we can get a run out on the 888's.

Welcome. DJ

Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep
Well, it and I survived an absolutely sodden track night! First wet one in about 3/4 years I guess and the confidence just wasn't there for some reason. @Djw Dave was on fire though, probably going as quick in the wet as he has been in the dry!

We got there pretty early and hid in the garage out the pissing rain. With no wheels to swap over we emptied the cars and I got Dave to fit my sticker I bought at FCS



And then just pottered taking a few more pics, hopefully some on track ones appear soon



Also spotted the BG that @Pistachio sold me, that I sold to Dave that he sold to me that I sold to @Mickb that he's sold to someone else!


I've owned 3 of these 4, 2 of them twice and Dave has owned all 4!


Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep
Great stuff having the car up and running again, isn't that typical with the rain after all the dry weather we've had!!
Very typical!

Also, this car is continuing to kick me. Dunno why it always seems to happen all at once after no issues for ages. Seems to be how it is though


Thankfully I've got a spare rear one in the garage.

Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep
And now for the not so good update.




I forgot to lock the bonnet down and it flew up at 45mph.

So then I was annoyed and once I got it back down and secured I did the biggest wheelspin of my life. And then I had no drive. Yay. f**king idiot.

So @Djw Dave was chief damsel in distress rescuer and dropped everything at work and came towed me home. Massive thanks to him and his boss.

So after sulking and having a couple of beers I couldn't just sit in the house anymore and went out to the garage about 9ish.

First thing off was the bonnet, look how fucked the drivers hinge is, passenger one is only a little bent.



Then it was time to find out why it wasn't moving so a quick strip down on the passenger side confirmed suspicions


Hopefully that's all the damage I did. Left it looking pretty sorry for itself by about 11


TLDR: I'm an arsehole.



ClioSport Club Member
  Ph1 172 & 172 Cup
Balls!! Bet you said something worse than that though when it all happened! Sure it will be back before you know it, is the bonnet salvageable? Fingers crossed nothing else crops up for the rest of the year ?

Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep
Balls!! Bet you said something worse than that though when it all happened! Sure it will be back before you know it, is the bonnet salvageable? Fingers crossed nothing else crops up for the rest of the year ?
Made a hell of a bang that's for sure. Think I said something along the lines of "that's that fucked then". Was remarkably calm. Until I did a burnout leaving....

Na, bonnet is completely shagged. And being flame means I stand no chance of finding another. Should be picking one up tomorrow but the car will just have to look s**t for a while.

Once it's back down on its wheels I'll get the windscreen changed.

My circlips should've arrived today from RPD but ukmail are f**king me about so nothing doing until Monday now ?