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My Kangoo Cup Dci Build Thread

  Kangoo 172 Cup ;)
Lol, glad you guys like it :).

I will be bringing it to the midlands meet at the pride of Lincoln on Sunday the 23rd of this month if anyone wants to pop along.
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Best CS project I've seen in a long time. Properly epic!

Always glazed over the thread title previously but curiosity got the better of me today :) So glad I stopped in hahaha!


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To hear that exhaust and expect a hot hatch to come out of the darkness and instead see a van blip past is just amazing haha.

Top work.
  Kangoo 172 Cup ;)
So as promised, here is some more info and pics of the bits between the last proper update and us getting it finished.

The wiring inside the van was simple but so time consuming. Testing every feed from the clio loom, and feeding the van rear loom to see what fed what.

The fuel pump and sender was a pain in the ass, and we had to mod the clio fuel float as it was fouling the front of the tank and getting stuck.

I few pics of us stripping the dci lump and a few more of it with the F4R sat in place / front end being finished off.


Untitled by ashleyt33123, on Flickr

Untitled by ashleyt33123, on Flickr

Untitled by ashleyt33123, on Flickr

Untitled by ashleyt33123, on Flickr
  Kangoo 172 Cup ;)
Once the engine was all in and running, we started fitting the rest of the dash, trims and seats. We had to extend the hazard light cables so they would reach the switch on the kangoo dash. Then was the task of wiring the heater controls and fan. The kangoo heater panel is more similar to the mk1 clio than anything else as far as fitments and cables are concerned, and the kangoo heater fan is a totally different set-up to the clio, so we had to make a loom for the heater fan to the controls using spare cables from the clio heater system. Again quite a simple job just time consuming. The same story with the wipers as the motor is further away on the kangoo so we had to extend the cables and the pins were a different arrangement.

We used all the clio stalks and squib, all work fine as expected with us using the clio loom anyway.

I am going to relocate the battery into the rear as the filter is sat right behind the rad which is annoying sucking up shed loads of hot air once the stat opens, so I will be coming off the throttle body into the battery box area and boxing the side in with some thin gauge alloy plate, and it will get rid of the nasty 90deg bend the clio induction system uses.

So here are a few pics of the van more or less as it is now (its cleaner now I have washed it ;) )

Cheeky side exit

Untitled by ashleyt33123, on Flickr

Untitled by ashleyt33123, on Flickr

Not sure what I am doing on the grass here.....

Untitled by ashleyt33123, on Flickr


Untitled by ashleyt33123, on Flickr


Untitled by ashleyt33123, on Flickr

The reaction once we took if for a road test

Untitled by ashleyt33123, on Flickr

So it is all registered with the DVLA now as being 1998cc F4R powered, and insured with Adrian Flux for what it is with the 180% power increase. That was an interesting conversation with the guy on the phone........... "so what was the vehicles original power output? 68BHP.. And the current power output sir? Err.... 172BHP??"

Made me smile anyway :) and the tax class has not gone up which is nice.

I will update some more soon as I will be doing a few quirky bits tomorrow ;)
  Kangoo 172 Cup ;)
Tied up a few loose ends today. Stereo fitted, fuse box cover etc.

Managed to remove 25kg of parts that are no longer required today to. Rear wiper gone, old exhaust heat shield, old exhaust mountings and hangers, bulkhead luggage bar.

Got some more to come out soon to like the spare wheel etc.