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Clio RS250

That looks awesome mate, like it came straight out the factory :)

when I see these conversions I always think why didn't renault do a small limited run of these


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:eek:...............:hail: that is the nicest 197 i have ever seen, wheels are simply spot on. just looked again..f**k me it's nice
Thanks for all your positive comments.....Hopefully a set of KW Clubsports in new year and although the brakes are generally superb, wouldn't mind doing something crazy with the set-up...360mm maybe???? Heres some interior pics. LY stuffs a bit marmite but looks better in the flesh....going to paint backs of recaros LY too......



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I agree with the boosh, that interior does not match the classy looking exterior.

It looks like a nova from 1993 if i'm honest.


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interior let's it down!! maybe just the dash strips at most. the dial surround and door handles don't look right ;)
lol....just when it was going so well. Its really not that bad as it may appear in pics but each to their own. Like I said, its a bit marmite but certainly not bloody Nova 1993 lol....and if nothing else....its just a re-paint. Maybe piano black? We'll see....
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Fantastic mate, I properly love that!

Got those interior parts painted piano black like you say, would look a lot classier.
Gotta love a boosted 197.

Like Daniel said, where the hell did you find a 250 lump? Must of cost a fortune?

What driver train are you using?

Was it a diy job or someone else do it?