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  1. C

    My Iceberg Silver 172

    Hi all, New to this so just thought I'd say hello to you guys and get to know a bit more about the scene! I have recently purchased a 172. My first car was a 1.2 8 valve (god it was slow) and I always dreamed about a sport. Many cars have since been purchased but 2 years of driving later and...
  2. Z

    Mk3 Clio sport 192 Spoiler

    Hi there im looking for a spoiler for my Mk3 Clio sport 192. Anyone got any suggestions? Thank you
  3. M

    Can you fit a mk3 facelift(09-12) rear bumper onto the mk3(05-09)?

    Could I fit a mk3 facelift bumper onto my mk3 2007? And below is my Clio TCe late 2007
  4. TaylorJRafferty

    Fastest, low insurance Clio?

    Hi everyone! I'm quite new to Clio's as I have never really looked into them before, I would love a RenaultSport but because of my age and the fact that I've had previous insurance cancelled, there is not a chance that I would get insured on one. I was wondering if any of you could give me a...
  5. H

    2008 Clio mk3 project - From rags to riches!

    Hi there! My name is Hal and I am 21 years old. This month marks two years since I bought my Clio, two years of saying "I really must start doing some work to the car." But now, finally, I am in a position where I have both the time and money to invest in the Clio. I love my car and it runs...
  6. T

    idling at 3000rpm!

    Hi all, i have a 2003 clio mk2 1.416v, which has an idling problem. it idles at around 1800 rpm when cold and 3000 rpm when warm! this happens even when i dip the clutch during normal driving. i have removed, cleaned and refitted the throttle body but has made no difference. Was thinking it...
  7. A

    Rs 200 radiator part Number

    After picking up my new radiator from the donkeys at my local Renault dealer... They've given me a 1.2 rad. As it was an out of stock item the dearlership won't do a refund but only an exchange. So does anyone know the part number for a mk3 Clio 200 rad with aircon? It should have the mounts...
  8. M

    Clio 172 Gearbox Issue

    Hello, I've recently joined the Renault scene with a clio sport 172. So far I've had terrible luck, blew some parts out of the diff casing when I changed into third at 70kmh. So far I have just bought a second hand gearbox to go in, however I can't select any of the gears by hand with the...
  9. J

    Clio 200

    Hi guys, I’ve just joined Currently on the look for a clio 200 Must have Recaros What’s out there?? Thanks
  10. J

    Mk1 clio

    Does anyone know if you the gearbox from a mk2/mk3 would fit onto a Mk1 engine? Cheers.
  11. O

    Clio 172 Ph1 Front Bumper

    Hello, I'm desperately looking for a 172 Ph1 front bumper. I own a Clio 172 with (awful) Elia front bumper for quite some time now but this year I was told at MOT that the car has to be fitted with OEM bumper (or at least one looking more "normal") - otherwise it will have to scrapped & used...
  12. X

    Clio 1.2 Pearl Black From Portugal

    So as my first car i got myself a mk2 1.2 , it was completely stock , well it still is kinda. No the fastest car , but the fastest i've ever driven 😂 One of the first mods (I already had them before buying the car) , was the w5w rgb bulbs . I know the car is super dirty this...
  13. Ajcman

    My return to renault

    Hey guys and girls. Ive been of this forum for a while as ive bee driving an audi tdi and im looking at swapping it with a Clio RS 200 Silverstone edition, its a 2011 reg and wondering if there are bugs i should be looking out for by that age? Thanks guys and hopefully ill be an active member...
  14. R

    Clio mk4 DCI

    Hey guys. So I’ve just picked up my second clio (mk3 first car) and am looking to enhance the performance of my mk4 DCI. I’ve noticed that the car tends to roll slightly when cornering so I’m wondering what people would advise with that? Along with any other suggestions on what people would do...
  15. B

    Interior light change

    Hi, I've tried to change the lights on the interior but they are not budging. The middle one seemed easy but the outer two won't come out, I've used pliers, taken the section out to try pushing them out from behind, but I can't due to the little metal conductor. This may sound stupid but it's a...
  16. S

    how to clean up headlight lense?

    Hello, my headlights are vile and extremely cloudy. almost feels like an extra layer in some parts of the headlight. Anyone know how to clean them thoroughly? i have tried T cut, toothpaste, wd40 etc. No luck so far Thanks
  17. MrBlonde


    New shape Clio Trophy in white with private plate,Something like TROPHY?.going through Ford End in essex,near chelmsford.
  18. rupes1351

    Renault Clio 197 Renaultsport Black Cambelt/Water Pump Manifold Done HPI Clear

    Hi, selling my clio 197 eBay link is
  19. S

    Mk2 Clio Lowering spring suggestions?? 40mm? 60mm?

    Hi guys, about to lower my Mk2 Clio Extreme, just looking for suggestions on what lowering springs I should buy eg. 40mm or 60mm, which brand to choose, what looks best, what rides best and if there are any major drawbacks to using 60mm over 40mm etc. as you can see from the photo the wheel gap...
  20. estiaeye

    Isaac's 172 Slow Progress Project

    Bought my 172 in 2014 which was a great experience since it was also my first car. Always loved Renault and always wanted a Renault Sport car. So here I am enjoying my first Love. This is a slow progresss project thread without a specific goal like building a Turbo 172, Trackcar or something...
  21. A

    Liquid yellow 200, Sutton and huthwaite

    Not many Clio's around sutton in ashfield or huthwaite but I've seen this one two days in a row. Liquid yellow 200 on a 59 plate, are they on here? Would be nice to know some fellow owners around this end
  22. K

    First modifications: clio 172 ph2 - help!!

    So, recently picked up my first car - a ph2 172, looking for small modifications that can start to be done to it. Currently on the search for new alloys, possibly speedline 2118’s or turinis. Wind deflectors are fitted and window and light tints are in process now. Not looking to spend a...
  23. Speedy300

    Winter tyres for sale - 195-45-16

    A friend of mine is selling his winter tyres, link to eBay below:
  24. N

    "Nicole" - The Clio 182 budget track car project

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum having only purchased a RS 182 recently with my friend Gary. We're going to turn it into a track day toy. Made a little video of us going to buy it. Going to try to post videos of each step of the modifications we make. Neil.
  25. N

    dci 100 fuel pump help!

    anyone know where to send the fuel pumps off the be modded at all? or know a simple way to do it yourself? really needing more poweeeerrrrrrr!
  26. Moronm8

    Rear springs/ shocks to coilovers on mk2

    I'm a bit of a novice with cars, but it's what I love and I'm still learning so please forgive my idiocy I'm wondering if, on my MK2 Clio, I could replace the rear shock absorber and spring set up with coilovers? I know coilovers can be fitted to the front, but so far all I can see online is of...
  27. M

    Alternator on way out??!

    Hey guys, so I'm selling my 2004 182. 103,000 miles and has full service history, belts done again at 93,000 Niles there. So a mechanic for bmw came to view it last night and loved it but noticed this sound (see video) and said it was the alternator on its way out. Have a listen please and...
  28. C

    My Clio 1.2 16v sport roof

    1.2 16v (2002) started out as a completely stock extreme model that i purchased for £120 crash damage (front bumper cracked due to previous owner driving into back of someone) i then purchased another crashed damaged clio (1.216v) that had the 182 parts on including the dual exhaust spax...
  29. Moronm8


    I have a 1.2 campus, its my first car and I've owned her for around a year and a half now. I've had fun 'modifying' her in preparation for the purchase of a 172 (hopefully!) I purchased the campus facelift bumper that I found at a breakers (see example bumper below) but because they never made...
  30. E

    Window conversion (Electric to manual)

    Hi guys. I am the happy owner of a Renault Clio 2 Expression 2002 1.4 16V 4 doors. I am looking for information about removing the electric window system pf passenger's and driver´s side and installing a manual, it is not for weight reduction thing but simplicity and less headache because they...