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Megane RS250 Cup


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Session at EFI on the 12th Aug then over to Donny on the 13th for the Opentrack day.

Can't wait for both, Looking forward to seeing what Chris can do with it and get it running and putting out the numbers it should.


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This looks so mean from the front!

Pretty sure I passed you the other week just around about Crainlarich. I think anyway. I was on the bike with 2 mates and it was raining that heavy I could hardly see lol.
Yeah you probably did, ended up rolling about in that rain adjusting ride height on the front. No fun lol


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Wasn't really sure what to expect from my session at EFI today, cars definitely not had the pace the old numbers suggested it should have.

Over 4 hours of tuning by Chris and more dyno pulls than I can remember finally settled on these. Torque was kept sensible to prolong clutch etc but we did get it upto 390lbsft before winding it back in.

Can't recommend Chris enough either, such a nice genuine guy that's very attentive and keeps you updated on what he's doing, not to mention how picky and fussy he is. Don't think I would ever go anywhere else from now on.

Made 324/364 before and 364/362 after and that's on a dyno that's pretty pessimistic.

Top end has seen huge gains, 40bhp and torque holds on longer before dropping. Cars faster by a considerable amount, drives so much nicer, comes on boost a hell of a lot better and just goes right. Turbos pretty much maxxed out now.

Properly happy!

Donington tomorrow to properly test it out.


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Managed 15 laps if that including the sighting ones.

No clutch and brakes have a horrendous judder and pull. Managed to get out after lunch for a few laps on the road wheels as I wanted some photos lol. Car has enough go about it to manage the whole of donny in 4th, other than having to lift off halfway down each straight instead of bouncing off limiter.

New clutch and slave on order, ill grab some new discs as e and hopefully be all good. Simple fixes just a pain in terms of the slave


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Sold the OZ's and have bought another set of 17x9's to replace them so i can have the ride heights set for 17's instead of having to compromise with the two different wheel sizes. Currently away being machined and refurbed but shall have them on next week. Gone for some 235 PS4's all round this time instead of the 255 front i have been running, Makes it a bit rubbish on the road with the wider front.

Also have a set of Xenons that are being painted black, Should finish up the front end nicely, Slave cylinder and clutch will be done in a couple weeks then thats it. Front section of the cage will be completed at some point over winter then ill be happy with it. Maybe some FRP panels to offset the cage but nothing else really planned now. Just want to use it and enjoy it


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  Clio 172
Looks good on the wheels. Are they 17"? If so any issues with clearance? Would love to take mine on track, but too scared of damaging it or someone else damaging it!!


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I've got a problem

Bought another set of wheels, this time some 17x9 ATS, pretty mega wheels if I say so.

Just need to decide on colour then get my AR1s swapped over off the TDs, which are for sale ;)

Also have a Forge alloy radiator to go on at some point over the winter, plan is to make the whole car run a bit more efficiently so cooling is the first port of call, New radiator and an oil cooler with some extra ducting should help things massively. The MK3s run pretty hot, especially when tuned


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Engine s**t itself last night, motorway cruising at 70 off boost and not under any real load, before people jump on the blame the mapping bandwagon.

It'll get fixed, just don't know when or how, needless to say I doubt I'll make my ring trackday in May, if any this year


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Told you it was gonna be a slow build it being stored at the back of my mates garage who does all the work on it.

Got a rough spec of the build now:

Pec rods and Wossner pistons
Supertech Valves
Uprated springs
Possibly some 182 cams but I'm led to beleive the 250 ones can do ~500hp
King bearings plus the usual other rebuild stuff, oil pump etc.

Nortech Mani, Downpipe and lines
G25 550 0.72AR
Turbosmart Comp 40 gate
Plex PBC Pro boost controller
Radium swirl pot fed by the Oem tank, supplying the rail and 875cc injectors, again good for ~500hp

Clutch im undecided, OE is good for the sort of torque I'll be making, 360/370lbsft and saves me some cash for now, may look an one of the Xtreme uprated kits down the line