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Megane RS250 Cup

  Not a 320d
What do you make of the CAE mate?

Struggling to justify one. Might do that cheap mod and see how it feels.

Also lower dog bone mount, that made a difference?

The gearbox and engine intertia are a bit annoying at times.


ClioSport Club Member
Did I just see this in a Jamie FYD preview?

What do you make of the CAE mate?

Struggling to justify one. Might do that cheap mod and see how it feels.

Also lower dog bone mount, that made a difference?

The gearbox and engine intertia are a bit annoying at times.
Waste of money tbh, If they were 3/400 quid then id recommend them but not at their current pricing.

Yeah the lower dogbone really improved things, That and a yellow main insert would be my musts on a road trim one


ClioSport Club Member
They are a good do all but I don't really use them on track as they don't quite match a proper R tyre. Was running V70a's for the first time, properly impressed with them


ClioSport Club Member
Finally got it out at KH, Some problematic front brakes made it interesting to say the least.

AST's feel great, could do with some tweaks but for an out the box setup they are fantastic, best mod I've done by far.

dreadnought-6 by Jamie Atkinson, on Flickr

dreadnought-5 by Jamie Atkinson, on Flickr

dreadnought-4 by Jamie Atkinson, on Flickr

dreadnought-3 by Jamie Atkinson, on Flickr

dreadnought-2 by Jamie Atkinson, on Flickr

dreadnought-10 by Jamie Atkinson, on Flickr

dreadnought-9 by Jamie Atkinson, on Flickr

First time running V70a's as well, Very impressed with them


ClioSport Club Member
So, I fancy a change now.

12k would take this off my hands or id like to come to some sort of deal for a well specced M3

My itch for an M car has been getting stronger and stronger recently.


ClioSport Club Member
No massive updates for now, got fresh calipers to go on all round along with discs and some RST3 pads up front.

Sold my 1.2 track wheels and bought another set, this time 17x9s and shall be shod with 255 AR1s up front and 225s on the rear. Should be pretty decent. Only issue is they were meant to be fully black and 1.2s, turned up with a gash orange lip and are actually 1.5s but they seem to be the same weight minus the writing on the rim from what I can gather.

Have a rear Trophy-R style bar and cargo net to go in, mainly to stop wheels and other stuff rolling about and got a set of Cup racer sidemounts to run to get my drivers seat another inch or two lower than it is.

Not much else really, need to play about with spring rates, have Spa/Ring at the end of Sep then have booked Donny at the end of October with circuit days if anyone is around for them and want a pax etc.


ClioSport Club Member
Meant to add, wheels are getting painted next week to get rid of the chav spec lip and have some 265 DRLs and blade to fit as mine are broken, also have all the bits need to add some much needed brake ducting which will be done whole bumper is off


ClioSport Club Member
Update time I guess.

Had a few bits needing doing before Spa a couple weeks back, mainly maintenence stuff really.

Had new front calipers fitted along with some plain Brembo discs and some RST3 up front with some RS44s on the back, couple with Ti shims and Endless fluid im properly chuffed with how great the brakes are now, Zero issues with fade or heat so the ducting definitely seems to be helping.

Also had some AR1s fitted onto my 17x9 track wheels, 255 front and 225 rear, very impressed with how good the tyres are. Near enough a DZ03 for half the cost. Just a bit pants in the cold and damp as I found out early at Spa, particularly under brakes.

Had my front right AST damper fail as well so that put a bit of a downer on the day as it basically meant I had no damping on that corner which really wasn't confidence inspiring particularly on the fast stuff. Still managed Iver 200 miles on track and a 3 min lap with a wounded car though. Plenty to come off that next year with a few tweaks to my setup and working dampers.

That's about it really, few small plans for the winter but not much. Cage, Xenons, lightweight battery and possibly Abs removal then get a full seasons worth of trackdays out it next year.

20170926_134019 by Jamie Atkinson, on Flickr

20171003_172601 by Jamie Atkinson, on Flickr

20171003_123346 by Jamie Atkinson, on Flickr

20171003_112443 by Jamie Atkinson, on Flickr

20171003_112410 by Jamie Atkinson, on Flickr

20171001_164619 by Jamie Atkinson, on Flickr

20171001_082129 by Jamie Atkinson, on Flickr

XSP_6918 (2) by Jamie Atkinson, on Flickr

XSP_7499 (2) by Jamie Atkinson, on Flickr

XSP_7860 (2) by Jamie Atkinson, on Flickr

XSP_8108 (2) by Jamie Atkinson, on Flickr

XSP_8028 (2) by Jamie Atkinson, on Flickr


ClioSport Club Member
Was back out at KH the other month, Lack of seat time this year so far definitely came in to play and i was no where near where i was hoping.needign to be in terms of laps times for SLS, Cage has definently changed the balance of the car and i spent the day struggling with temperatures running hotter than they ever had before even though it was a cool day, So thats still needing sorted.

its away getting new swivels all round, Wheel bearings as pax had collapsed and a new CGR downpipes as my Scorpion one sheared completely on the turbo flange, Common issue with them by all means.

Oh yeah, I also bought a set of 2 way AST's which have been fitted to the car, Not got the car back yet to see how it drives but ive went up from 8/8 to 10/10 rates ont the springs, hopefully makes the rear a bit more lively as ive been struggling with too much rear grip, Even with 225 AR1's on the back with a 255 up front...

Quick lap from the KH day, Still aiming for 57's

  F56 JCW & MT-09 SP
Free time there if you take Clarke's (corner after the chicane) with a later turn in giving you better exit and extra MPGs all the way down the back "straight".

Quick beast though.


ClioSport Club Member
Yeah its always been a corner that ive always found tricky, Hopefully get back out at some point in the next month or so.

Part of me wants to sack off SLS for this year now and just concentrate on making sure the cars spot on for this years Spa trip as i had issues last year with it lol.


ClioSport Club Member
Definitely been a love hate ownership with it, still have an urge to get rid for an E92 or F80 M3 but running costs increase exponentially with either of those so I'll stick to the cheap Renault for a while longer
  Not a 320d
I got rid of my 275 6 months back for an E92 M3, let me persuade you not to do the same. Mines a Monte Carlo edition with upgraded comp pack EDC (MC's have the Comp springs as well), GTS gearbox software. Some Other bits. The V8 drew me in and the E92 M3 is at a funny time of its life, I figured now would be one of my last chances to own the E92 M3 before they became dogs or got really expensive.

Based on my own experiences so far the Megane was far more of an event to drive and I often regret selling it, you'll hate the increase in weight especially given yours has been on a diet you'll really feel it, the steering is quite poor as well being hydraulic it feels slow and mushy vs that excellent electric push rod setup in the Meg. You'll also miss being able to get on the power in a corner. Its also far less usable in the winter, especially when salty. Totally different driving experience, more of an 8/10ths GT car vs the 10/10ths the Megane is. I wouldn't use an e92 m3 as a track car, too heavy and the brakes will need a £3-4k BBK upgrade as they can get a bit crappy when you really work them. Fine for road use. I also think stripping the interior, remapping the steering rack so its faster and putting it on coilovers would make a much more engaging car from it, but out the box it is literally an 8/10ths GT barge, you'd have to throw 5 grand at it to get it to a more track focused car. If you lived in Surrey Id happily take you for a drive.

Thats not the say the E92 isnt excellent, it can be driven hard and although it wont give the same confidence inspiring lateral grip the Megane does I rekon it might keep up in sweeping back roads. Its fairly quick as well, a mapped Megane would about keep up until about 90/100 where the M3 would have the legs then.

Its expensive to run as well but do your homework you'll see what they cost. Some big bills lurk with tyres and brake discs, but if youre not fussed about fbmwsh then servicing isnt really that bad. Oil and spark plugs will probably be your most expensive service cost. 170 miles to an £80 tank of premium if you drive in heavy traffic but people manage to eek 200-220 out of them on a more gentle motorway commute. So consider that as well.

Id keep the Meg.


ClioSport Club Member
Yeah if/when i change to an E92 it will be mainly track and weekend use with similar setup to the Meg. Driven a few in various guises on the road and at a few circuits and its definently a car that rewards someone that can pedal them. Definently a faster car than the Megane once you throw some money into them on a track though, Just lacking the cheap costs of hatchback ownership lol.