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Megane RS250 Cup


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Had a slight issue with the ASTs, they were sold with the car.

However, a brand new set was ordered for me at no extra cost to what I paid initially, and they are finally due to arrive this week, top guy!

My set of OZs are getting refurbed as they don't have the best finish and some of the paint has flaked off, in the next week or two and I have some 255 AD08Rs coming for the front.


Hopefully by the end of the month they will be on as will the ASTs, need Swivel bearings changed again, 2nd time I've had to do them, these ones have lasted about 40k.




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  No car. To speak of.
Do you do quite a few track days? Only ask as I've seen a few vids and for some reason I thought it may be you?


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Nah thats definitely not me haha, Didn't get as much track time as i wanted to last year due to engine/box issues but should get a fair bit this year seeing as the spec is pretty much spot on now, means i can spend money on driving it instead of fixing


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Megane goes into SWR on Wednesday to get the AST's fitted, All 4 swivels replaced and the turrents modified to allow upto -4 degrees camber and being able to adjust them on the car without having to drop them.

OZ's are also getting dropped off at Wheelcoat this week as well, Just need to get my 255 AD08R's bought to fit to them.




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ASTs fitted, all 4 swivels changed and the turrets modified to allow on car camber adjustment, running - 2.5 at the moment but got the option to run upto - 4 degrees, which will be handy when/if I decide to start using slicks


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As if you had to modify the mounting points! Is it just a case of chopping the old ones out and welding in a bigger pipe section?
Don't need to modify them, but you can only get around - 2 degrees camber with the stock holes and you physically can't get into adjust the camber without dropping the strut.

Swivels isn't a hugely expensive issue tbh, Aaron's Autos do them for 175 a side for the lower ones. You can buy the upper and lower swivels for around 300 then another couple for fitting.

Certainly far cheaper than the 800 or so Renault want per side for new hubs and carriers


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  No car. To speak of.
Cool, was just browsing and it looked cheap.

These cars seem to be coming to a nice price. Sadly away from me but a decent buy
Dedication to get some camber there!

I test drove a 275 yesterday but found the seat a bit high which surprised me. Not heard anyone comment on it being an issue before.


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Cheers, Its done me well, Coming up for 5 years in my ownership as well this summer!

Updated Spec, No doubt ill have forgotten a few things

365bhp/385ftlbs, Mapped by Ecotune
RST Hybrid
630cc injectors
Injen CAI
3" Decat
Midbox Delete
Lightweight SMF
OZ Superleggera, 18x9 and 18x8
DIY Uprated Mounts
Powerflex Black insert for engine mount
Vibratechnic lower Dog Bone
Powerflex Black ARB bushes
Full Super Pro lower arm bush kit
AST 5100 Coilovers with adjustable topmounts
Adjustable shorter Droplinks
Modified Suspension Turrets
Uprated N4/Clio Cup Swivel joints
Braided Hoses
Motul RBF fluid
Carbotech XP10's up front with Pagid RS29's on the rear
Rear Wiper removed
Partially Stripped
Cobra Suzuka Pro Fit seats
Schroth 6/4 point Harness
CAE Shifter
Sabelt Wheel

Think thats the main ones, Got a few plans for this year. Namely Cage, Uprated Clutch, Custom exhaust/Intake, Lightweight battery relocated to the cabin and a few other bits and bobs but thankfully most of the expensive stuff is now done.

May also forge it and go 3076 next winter as well...


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ClioSport Club Member
The wheels are quite a marmite thing tbf, Id struggle to go back to black wheels now as i think it looks pish with them LOL

Cup wheels are gonna get painted again this year as they will be used as track wheels. Might go blue this time....


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I had my DZ03's on them and ran them for a couple of TD's then sold them. Not really wide enough and these came up.

Also, Sold the Cup wheels and have some TD 1.2s en route that shall be shod with some AR-1's or the new MRF tyres for trackdays.