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  1. AlexG

    GT5 car Gift/Trade thread

    Anyone got something that will complete the historic car club race? like a toyota 7 or the 2j? Ive got plenty to lend in return if you need. Minolta, Formula gran turismo etc. Add me PSN: AlexOohYeh
  2. AlexG


    Like the wind. On bspec im pretty sure. There must be another car that can be used though. I read somewhere a fully modded countach.
  3. AlexG

    upgrading to 501 led side lights- they wont fit grrrrrr

    Did you get 6 led or 4 led? pretty sure the 6 led ones dont fit.
  4. AlexG

    Questionable dent removal technique?

    Remove the interior panels yourself to save the guy time? if you can get to the inside of the panel he shouldnt have to drill an access hole.
  5. AlexG

    Jacking Point Bent

    Grips and or hammer. Use the Chasis rail in the future.
  6. AlexG

    The JDM Appreciation Thread...

    Is this legal in the uk? Is there a name for it?
  7. AlexG

    A Non-Sport from Germay

    Thats nice! you running spacers or do the wheels just look far out due to the non rs wings?
  8. AlexG

    Custom exhaust by

    Full car pics?
  9. AlexG

    a wee clen today ... pic heavy

    Cup spoiler.
  10. AlexG

    715.5 Miles, 4 days, 3 Countries

    Very nice trip mate. Good write up.
  11. AlexG

    Is there a better car out there than a 172?

    How do you fit 4/5 adults in a clio??? :S
  12. AlexG

    My new BMW 535d M-Sport Touring.

    Love these. Fantastic engine. Get your self a visi vest to wear whilst driving.
  13. AlexG

    My old e36 - stance? Got Lows/camber, etc

    Specs make it Around the same as a 172? Will probably feel slower though as it's so smooth.