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New member- clio 1.2 ph1 project

  Clio ph1 1.2 16v
Hey guys/girls,

New to the forum from South Wales

Basically the story is i went with a friend to a yard who was looking for Saxo parts and saw the Clio pictured here (bad photo I know). He wants 60 quid for it, no brainer? 🤷‍♂️

I’ve yet to purchase yet but am seriously considering a long term project, basically converting it to a 172 stripped track build. Before I commit though I want to do a proper check to make sure the shells not beyond repair, from what I’ve seen it looks good, obviously it needs tlc as it’s been sat for a few years in this yard in the open. So is there any tell tale signs/ things to look out for. I’m not bothered about daily usage, I just need to make sure the shell is good to turn into a track build.

Cheers and thank you.



ClioSport Club Member
If you put a 172 lump in it you'll find that the roof skin will crease near the sunroof if it's being used solely as a track car, my mate did it and then quickly realised it was a bad idea. Although once his was boosted then it became really apparent it was creasing! lol
  Clio ph1 1.2 16v
ahhh damn haha,

Im not at all mechanically savvy so if i sound stupid give me some slack haha
1. are you basically saying putting a 172 lump in will be to heavy for the shell?
2. would putting in cage in strengthen the shell and help stop this?
3. would anything else 172 be an issue for example the suspension and brakes could fit no problem?


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its a straight forward swap if you have a doner car but as above sunroof is an issue as the shell isn't as strong. doesn't make it impossible just slightly flawed.
everything bolts straight over but you would need a doner car to do it right so it begs the question is it worth while? buying a similar age probably better condition car to transplant it over into another shell.

the only time I would see it worth while was if you were buying a rusty ph1 172 and transplanting it over into a 57/08 plate shell (one of the last of the mk2)
  Clio ph1 1.2 16v
yea thats fair enough, only caught my eye because its 60 quid for a shell that seems in fine condition. The idea was to try and find a category c/d write off to transfer the stuff from but yea if i can find one thats still structurally fine does make more sense to just go with that.

Thanks for the help
  Clio ph1 1.2 16v
suppose on another note then, if i still go for this shell just because it is so cheap, what other options would people recommend/seen done in terms of track builds? i've also been offered a vts which runs also for 60 quid so would it make more sense to just go with that or does this little clio have potential as im still pretty keen for a longer term project