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Yorkshire Members List Thread

  EP3 Type R
@OssPoop - Not done the Newby Hall one yet, but there is a Renaultsport convoy organised for it over on, I might tag along with that. I'll grab the link for it later.

I do the JDM meet at Squires every month, missed it last night though sadly. Saw there was a meet here at Squires last year so would be good to see it there again.


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I'll keep an eye out for you @Savage_Steve_1. I'm originally from Rothwell and recently moved to Miggy a year or two ago. Often cut through Garforth when going to the other halfs Grandma's in Barwick.


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Haha Miggy! Used to live there when I was a young 'un, down Prospect Terrace next to the station.
I'm in the 'posh' newer houses in New Forest Village, only renting though at the min. You ever near bottom of Geldard Road? Sure I've seen a white 197 down there, could be a different colour though, was a while ago now.
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I was down there last Thurs as was getting some tyres fitted at Alba, also the week before I recall going that way a couple times to the butchers, might well have been me!
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Hi everyone,

Thought I would start an 'up to date list' of all the Yorkshire members, so its easier to invite people to meets and drives, now than spring and summer is on its way..

I have made a list just going through the last few meet threads, so if you are not on the list, and are in Yorkshire, please add you name in to the thread! Alternativley, if you are on this list of yorkshire members and dont want to be, just say so :smile:

@realnumber 1
@Bear Head
Count me in