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CSF Convoy 2017


ClioSport Club Member
  Bean 182
@Sj1782 cover your eyes, he's only joking really!
Tbf, that's just facebook groups in general isn't it and don't get me wrong, there did seem to be some decent lads on there, like that Callum whats his face that runs the YorkshireClio/Culture Gang groups, he seems alright.


ClioSport Admin
I am still 0% prepped for csf. Not even printed my ticket out, not sure if I can remember how the printer works and the kids are away this week.
Wait, do we have to print it? I don't even have a printer.
Oh and I ordered my tent (for the second time)😂
You don't need to print out the confirmation.

Just have it available to view on your phones :up:
  EP3 Type R
I'm gonna sack off the convoy and come a bit later in the morning. Not sure why I was going to get up at daft'o'clock on a Saturday to convoy to a Cliosport show with Cliosports when I don't even own a Cliosport anymore .
I'll be there for 11ish.