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The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread


ClioSport Club Member
Followed a Toyota Land Cruiser with Trade plates over some middle eastern plates.

5.7 V8 badge on the back and still had plastic over the seats.
  Clio 1.2
Just drove past the new Z4 and, my god, in the flesh it is damn ugly, didn't manage to get a pic so heres a google pic, was in this colour with the roof up.

Afte googling I have to say the coupe does look nice.


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  A200, Passat
I saw one in town with the roof down the other day, I thought it looked nice actually! Driver was a hot blonde girl too, which helped
  Clio 1.2
Saw a new 8 series yesterday. They are big!!! And I just saw an i8. I really like them.
I liked the i8 when they came out but now they are so common in the North West, I see at least 1 every day or two, they are still nice but it's kind of like supercars there much better to be seen when the're a rare breed


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So far today

Daytona spider
70 corniche convertible
Alfa 8c
2 Audi etron sun's
Old Audi rs2 avant
Several maclarens

And I only popped into town to drop the wife off ...... #surreylife

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Just seen this by work. Want to say f12 but think I might be wrong. Would have been fine if it was French or jap lol

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