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The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

Well this is a weird one but for years i've spotted cars daily that just catch the eye. Random spots that I think deserve a shout, on looks or cool factor!

Pics and vids welcome. 3 so far today...

355 GTS in Red...

Alfa Brera S, Black, gunmetal alloys, utterly beautiful!


And a lovely pre-facelift White (matt black roof rail option) Silver alloys, great spec RCZ... lovely shape... couldn't find the correct spec...


Ohhhhhhhh I got another, in White, sounded immense. I actually seen 3 mazzas new and old within an hour the other day...

Granturismo MC...



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Awesome. The F12 has grown on me so much! I'm not a massive 458 fan.
I love them. The 458 hard top thing is lovely, the dude never has the roof off though :rolleyes:

I often see Maserati's etc, but forgot about those lol.
All pics are of the same colour cars etc, apart from the 993 Turbo, that car was dark blue.


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I'm still getting over the 300 SL Gullwing I saw a few weeks ago coming back from Surrey. The mrs didn't understand what I was excited about. Sadly I didn't get a pic as I was driving down the M4.

Such a nice car, nice to finally see Jags have caught up with the 21st century. Obviously not my photo as it was 11pm at night and it was over the road from me!
It takes something VERY special to make me look twice now.
I don't care if it's an old XR2 or similar. I just find myself taking a second glance to have a good gander at it, especially in some car parks.

It's not a supercar thread for what it's worth.

Leon with the BTCC kit...



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I saw one of these the other week, complete with stuffed toys in it :S



On a 1964, B reg.

It'll be impossible for me to get pics.
A few nice cars actually but there's one of these round the corner from me, always have a good look when I'm walking past.

I have one local with the full options list canards/dive plates, big spoiler etc. I think he's going crazy power wise. This was the lad with the 650/700bhp UG Focus RS.
I have one local with the full options list canards/dive plates, big spoiler etc. I think he's going crazy power wise. This was the lad with the 650/700bhp UG Focus RS.
Nice! Should be a bit of a beast that then.

Also saw one of these the other day, Bentley GT, sounded monstrous!



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  172, Passat 1.8T
All the decent cars I see are when i'm driving about so I can't take photos of them,
I was behind an XJS V12 yesterday.
  Monaro VXR
Went along to the usual monthly meet in Manchester the other week. Something a bit different there this time. Wasn't just full of Ferrari's and Porsches. Which get's a bit boring.

De Tomaso Pantera

Lancia 037

Was a bit miserable so most of the decent cars didn't turn up. Still car park was fairly full, but as per usual mostly Ferrari's and Porsche's.