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The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread


ClioSport Club Member
I spotted a K reg Saab 900 turbo s convertible today. Cool car. My dad had a 900 of that era and it was one of the most comfortable cars I've ever been in.


ClioSport Club Member
I saw a silver Toyota Supra last night with a massive bodykit on it. It looked like it was rolling on 15's. I didn't get to see it move but I bet it was an na, boring!
Was in a Tesco car park when an Austin Maestro drove past, looked in mint condition, didn't get my phone out in time to get a pic though

After having lunch I drove round to where I was working for the afternoon and to my suprise it was just coming out of a garage

I remember my parents having a white one when I was a kid.


ClioSport Club Member
I saw a couple of Tesla model X's last night, they're pretty cool!
This morning I saw a dark blue K reg, three door 'pov spec' Mk3 Fiesta, still on steel wheels & with no rear wiper. It looked mint!
Just seen a red K reg Triumph Stag, it sounded good too
There is a guy couple doors down having a nut and bolt restoration on his.

He also has a mk1 spitfire that has been restored it is amazing. It has its own room with a tiled floor and central heating. Nicer than my house ha ha

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ClioSport Club Member
Terrible photo, sorry. had to grab a pic as he spun around. I suppose if you're buying a car as ugly as the Bentayga, you might as well get it in a stupid colour as well.


Instantly reminded me of this.



ClioSport Club Member
The other day I saw an old 3 door Volvo 340 like Leeds 182 owned, this thing was un-touched and mint!
I also saw a T reg Toyota Supra the other day in metallic bronzey gold, also with no mods, It didn't even have a rear spoiler on it. It still had square plates too.