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Someone tried to nick my wheels.

Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep
I don't think there's been an attempt. Any of the bolts loose?

That seems more like a driveshaft failure than anything. Weird place for it to break though
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Think you guys are right, just had a proper look around and there's nothing else untoward, my car is dirty as anything so there would have at least been fingers marks around the wheels. None of the wheel nuts are loose or look to have been tampered with.
The randomness of it breaking off there though is crazy!


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Ahh right, just thought someone might have overtightened the nut a lot and maybe the pressure has finally given in.


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Good news is no one tried to nick your wheels, bad news is you need a new driveshaft. Rather the second anyway.


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Surely heat and a mallet would get that out if it was stuck in there? Or is it more difficult than that?


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  E55 AMG
I’ve had one go exactly like that before from when a wheel bearing was proper fucked for a long time
  182 FF
If you've driven it like that the chances are the bearing will be goosed now too
Luckily I noticed it before getting in and driving it didn't.
So the centre cap was just on the floor sat next to the nut? Need more info
Went to get in the car and the centre cap and nut were sat right next to the wheel, hence why I thought someone had tried to steal them. It's been driving fine before that.
Hub nut doesn't look that old compared to a new Renault one I got recently

Discs look recent

Wheel looks like its hit some cones on track or something

Did they take the car on track at all and leave you to pick up the pieces?


ClioSport Club Member
Either way whatever has happened you need to stick a new driveshaft in it and get that bearing pulled together as soon as possible really. If it wasn't fucked before it might be in future with the weight of the car sat on it

Others will disagree but it'll start to separate and weigh heavy on the bearing races

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