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MrBlonde's 172 cup


ClioSport Club Member
  Audi A3 2.0T Quattro
Thanks mate,not mint but clean & well looked after.
I'll see when i move with my financial position on the R26,would be nice to keep the Cup also.But might need to sell to fund the R26,but will keep you in mind. @mart.z.s
Clean and well looked after are the 2 main things you want to look for! And cheers, please do bear me in mind in the event of me still looking.


ClioSport Club Member
So ive had to prices off a couple of Bodyshops to do the Cup.
Ive got a little bubbling on the rear lower arche,just before the front of the wheel part.

Hybrid Motorsport in Harlow have gave me a price of £600,that will be repair & both reat panels sprayed but no Courtesy car.

Other place is

Bodyworx in Great Dunmow,there have priced me £1800 which they will repair cut out the rust,both rear panels & both doors sprayed.He said he would need to also remove both rear windows also & i would get a courtesy car to.

I guess i need to now is get another price from one more shop.