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Mondial Blue Cup Track Car


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Thought it was about time I did a project thread! I have lurked around on here for some time. I have had probably about fourty 1*2 Clios over the last six years. Trophy, 182FF and Cups, 172 Sports and Cups. My obsession all started six years ago when I was offered a standard 172 Cup by my Mot tester for a bargain price. At the time I was not exactly a fan of French cars, but after a quick drive that soon changed!!

Fast forward to now and my current two cars are both Cups. One an almost standard Iceberg road car and the second a mondial blue modified track car. Apart from the all important Cambelt and Dephaser change I do everything on the cars myself.

Track car spec

Mondial blue 172 Cup 2002
BC Racing fully adjustable coilovers
K-tec solid top mounts
Whiteline RARB
Camber bolts
K-tec stainless front strut brace
K-tec carbon fibre rear strut brace
Braided brake hoses, Brembo standard discs and DS2500 pads
K-tec bolted half cage with harness bar
Sparco seats on OMP subframes with sliders
OMP four point harnesses
Interior stripped with custom door cards(to be fitted)
Renault Sabelt steering wheel with momo boss and Ph1 stalk.
Alloy radiator
Forge blue silicone hoses
K-tec induction kit
182 manifold with decat
Custom stainless stealth long life exhaust system
Matched inlet manifold
Powerflex purple polybushes throughout
EFI custom remap
Speedline 2118 wheels with Toyo R888(dry)
Team Dynamics pro race 1.2 with rainsports(wet and road use)
All airbags removed
Rear wiper removed
Lockable aero catches
Custom air ducts in fog lights
TPI bolts

It is still road legal and has current mot so I can drive it to and from track days.






Road car spec

Clio 172 Cup Iceberg Silver 2004

Fully Cup suspension refresh with Cooksport springs
Brakes reconditioned OE spec discs and pads
K-tec engine mounts
Powder coated black inlet manifold, engine mount, throttle body and fuel rail protector
Stainless bolts to replace many in engine bay
[email protected] panel filter(soon to be replaced with black K-tec one)
Turini wheels refurbished silver and fitted with Pilot Sport 3 tyres all round
Braided brake lines
Snappy custom refurbed steering wheel
Silver vision bulbs all round
New headlights
New genuine floor mats
Carbon dash inserts
Private Cup plate





I will leave the road car fairly standard. I have completed various little jobs since purchasing it including replacing boot lock, new numberplate light, steering wheel replacement, carbon dash inserts, upgrade speakers, Bluetooth stereo, fix earthing fault, spark plug replacement to cure slight misfire and replacement wheel arch liners. I have removed all bumpers and front wings to clean all the years of mud from behind them.

The belts were all done last year by Mick at Diamond Motors along with driveshafts, wheel bearings and brakes all round. Mechanically and cosmetically the car is pretty much immaculate.

I have a genuine Cup front splitter to fit when I get a chance. I would also like to remove the side skirts and door mouldings to clean all behind. I will try update with some better pictures and remember to take photos when I do stuff! I tend to forget unfortunately.
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  172 Cup
Very nice indeed! How cool to have two Cups that are the polar opposite of each other. Will be interested to see the updates.
Nice cars mate. Love the Sparcos in the track car, I’ve got exactly the same, not seen many of them before. They’re a super tight fit though! Guessing I’ve got the xxxs size!


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Bit of an update. I am not very good at doing updates as I do things!! Got the track car ready for Brands Hatch track evening last Tuesday. Was good because it put me under pressure to get the car done. As usual I changed all fluids. Took all the calipers off and greased everything up. The rear offside caliper slider was seized, which I was able to free up. I then snapped the bleed nipple! Ended up having to buy a reconditioned one due to time constraints.

Car was all ready by midnight on the Monday. Packed all my stuff in the car and drove to Brands Tuesday afternoon. Passed the noise testing, however the car has a silly pop and bang map on from when I purchased it.

Following the briefing I went out for the sighting laps. Then went out for first proper run and was called in due to the back firing being close to noise limit. Went back out and did around ten laps no issue. Swapped drivers and within 3 laps got black flagged for noise. Gutted. Anyway car felt really good on the new suspension set up. I need to sort a small amount of rubbing out in front arch and obviously the stupid map!

I have got a new licence from RS TUNER and 98 Ron map. Loaded it all onto the ECU this morning and seems good. No more stupid back firing!

Due to no history of belts and what I think is a main seal oil leak I am currently having a engine built by a friend that will be fitted hopefully at the end of the month. Only real upgrades will be arp conrod bolts and a oil cooler. Will have a new clutch fitted too save having to take it all out again. Once this is done I hope to just enjoy a few track days over the summer.

Been using the road Cup as my daily this week and really enjoyed it. I have changed plugs, leads for Magnacor silicon ones and the coolant bottle for a nice new one from Euro car parts. The cooksport springs are a really nice ride on road. The road Cup feels so good on the road due to full suspension refresh prior to me purchasing it. Will get some updated pictures of both cars tomorrow.

Due to lack of use I may be putting the road Cup up for sale soon as it is wasted sat on my drive. My Megane has taken over daily duties and I have the track car to use.


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  Clio 172
Started a proper clean of the iceberg Cup. Door strips removed, side skirts removed and number plates off ready for new ones. I have also removed the petrol flap and black plastic surround to give a good clean. It is amazing the amount of mud and rubbish that gets in behind. Also gave me a chance to check the common rust areas and all is good.

Hope to give it all a good polish tonight while everything is off. I have already had the rear spoiler off to clean under there. Will replace the fuel flap bolts with some nice new stainless ones to make it easier to remove if needed in the future. I have replaced both front arch liners with new genuine ones. All new engine and gearbox mounts fitted.

I gave the interior a good clean and wipe over at the weekend. I have a set of new genuine Clio mats to go in too.

Should finally get the genuine Cup splitter fitted this weekend too.

Couple of pre clean pictures. Will get some more later. I am trying to take a few more pictures of things as I go along. Really unsure wether to sell the cup as it is so clean.

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Really tidy mate.

Silver cups are cool, I actually prefer them to the blue. Rarity value.


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  Clio 172
Been busy last couple of weeks. Doing bits as and when I can around work. Cleaned all the skirts, side mouldings and number plate recess. Have replaced the petrol cap rivits and bolts with stainless Allen head bolts and did some preventative rust treatment having read some of the threads on here. Also means it can all be removed easily in the future should it need too. Will let the pictures do the talking!



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  Clio 172
Nice one. I think I’ll get all the mouldings off mine when I have all the mechanical jobs finished.

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I need to do it on the track car too. They are so easy to remove. So much dirt manages to get behind them!


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  Audi A3 2.0T Quattro
Great looking daily, and fair play on the attention to detail. Im contemplating freeing up my track car to go down the OEM+ route, and this has just made it worse lol!


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Took the iceberg Cup for Mot as finished work early today and managed to get the last slot at 4.30pm. Have been driving the car all week in anticipation of taking it for Mot as due on 29th of this month.

Car is running great, returning good MPG and most parts have been replaced or refreshed so fairly confident it should pass!

Went through all the lights and one of the tail lights was out 🙄 however I had a quick look and one of the stop/tail light bulbs had blown. Someone waiting kindly gave me a new stop/tail light bulb that he had spare in his glove box and all good!

Apart from that slight glitch went straight through with no advisories! Well chuffed.

Tomorrow morning I am going to fit the genuine Cup front splitter, new mats and give a real good clean.

I have decided that I will then be putting up for sale as I use the megane most of the time now and the Cup is wasted not being used much. If i had space in the garage it would be tucked away, but my Mk2 Fiesta is in there to prevent it rusting. Full details and most recent picures will be put in a for sale add over the weekend.

Had my fair share of nice(and rough) Cups and this is by far the best one.


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  Clio 172
Fitted the genuine Cup front splitter today using stainless bolts, washers and nyloc nuts. Correct dash and steering wheel inserts fitted as I had carbon fibre ones. Also got the new mats in and gave it a wash. Just got to sit down tomorrow and complete a detailed advert as car has had a lot of parts replaced or changed over the last three years! Might regret selling this one in a few years.


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  Clio 172
Finally got round to writing the advert for the Iceberg road Cup. Full details in the for sale section. I am going to regret this one at some stage!!


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  Clio 172
Been doing a few bits to the track car. I noticed when parked on the drive that my aluminium radiator appeared to be leaking on the drivers side. Pulled it all apart and put a standard one on from my spares. Couldn't find anything obvious wrong with the aluminium radiator so refitted it, but definately is leaking.

It would appear all replacement radiators are sport ones that are almost identical, but have rubber mountings on the top which go through the slam panel. The Cup has mounting which go on the side of the radiator and through the slam panel. The radiator I have in my spares is a sport one and fairly new. I have managed to get some top mounts from another forum member @lownslow so will fit this.

I have started giving the car a bit of a clean up. Although a track car it is still nice for it to look presentable. Door strips, side skirts, bumpers and both number plates removed. There was loads of double sided tape behind the rear plate covered in dirt, which I have managed to clean all off.

Got some new Brembo front discs from @[email protected]_Parts.

Fingers crossed new engine will be fitted mid August and then I can get on with some track days.





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Sport radiator all fitted and no leaks! Just got to collect the top mounts from the post office as I was out when they were delivered and my postman seems too lazy to ever try leaving with my neighbours.

Removed the side skirts last night and gave it's first wash for a while. The amount of mud trapped behind it! Couple of bits to straighten on the sills where it's been previously jacked up, but they are all solid which is the main thing.

Off next week so clay bay, DA and wax to bring the paintwork up. Should come up quite well I think. Car is booked to be dropped off and engine fitted on 15th. Only other thing I need to sort is rubbing on the front offside when going hard round a nearside bend on track. It is not obvious what the wheel is rubbing on and I have removed anything obvious. I may have to raise the front slightly, but I really like the way it currently sits!!

Have driven the iceberg all week for work and taking the kids to football etc! Due to roadworks on my journey and speed restrictions my MPG is creeping towards high 30's. Such a fun car and drives so well. Will do oil, filter and gearbox oil on it next week. In no rush to sell it and not too worried if it does not sell, especially as I am still enjoying it. Too good an example imo to rush and end up giving it away.

Few pictures of the sills when I initially removed them. No clean pictures as it was dark!



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Did a bit more this afternoon. New front discs fitted, which was nice and straight forward as had it all off recently.




Started cleaning the paintwork up too. Full clay bar and one pass over with the DA with a medium compound polish. Still more to do, but pretty pleased with the results so far.



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Pair of lovely examples!
Notice you fitted the 182 manifold, could you notice any difference?


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  Clio 172
Pair of lovely examples!
Notice you fitted the 182 manifold, could you notice any difference?
TBH I have not noticed much difference between the 172 and 182's I have owned. Best thing about the 182 manifold is the ease at which you can swap the Cat in and out. Right pain on the 172 swapping the cat or changing the cat to manifold gasket. Once the new engine is in I will have it mapped probably at Engine Dynamics and see what sort of power it makes with the mods I have completed.


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  Clio 172
On another note this morning I managed to get a iceberg silver standard 172 rear bumper with no exhaust cut out from a company called Renotec in Chelmsford that were breaking a 172. In good condition and will finish the car off as the exhaust cut out let it down a little bit.

I may end up getting the bumper with the exhaust cut out painted and put on the track car as would like a slash cut tip put on the current system.


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  Clio 172
I have straightened the sills where someone has jacked the car up on them in the past. Trims all cleaned behind. First picture shows a clean one and one pre clean.


Cleaning everything up and straightening the sills makes such a difference to they way the side skirts fit.



I have cleaned a mass of double sided tape from the numberplate recess at the back and fitted numberplate back on.


Will get a picture of it all back together after a proper clean tomorrow. Off to have engine fitted Wednesday. Sick of the current one leaking oil from what I think is the main seal!!


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  Clio 172
How do the lower sills remove, do they just pull off?
They are riveted along the sills and there is a screw inside the front arch. Drill all the rivits out and undo the screw. Then then pull out from the bottom and lift up.

Because this is my track car I will probably put screw rivits in the sill and bolt them on with button head allen key screws so they can be removed easily in the future if needed.


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Got the last few bits done last night before driving down early this morning to drop off for its engine build/replacement.

Drilled the holes out for the rivits in the sills to 9.5mm and fitted M6 rivnuts. Re-attached the plastic sill covers using M6 allen head bolts and washers.

Finally collected the radiator mounts from the Post Office and got radiator mounted correctly.

Fitted the Team Dynamics wheels with road tyres on. Gave it a clean and polished all the glass.

Checked all the levels and then took for a quick test drive as I have not driven it since the track day at Brands Hatch. First time I have used it properly since putting the 98 Ron map on and getting rid of the stupid pops and bangs map. Has made a massive difference. Car is a lot quieter and seems to pull well throughout the whole rev range. Current engine is leaking like a siv from what appears to be various oil leaks!!

Looking forward to getting it back with(I hope) a nice leak free engine.

Just got my insurance renewal through from HIC who I have a couple of specialist insurance policies with. Both my brother-in-laws have a part share in this car so there is three of us insured on the car fully comp. Price similar to last year and better than any of the other insurance companies. Have agreed valuation on it too.

Got a rare picture of it being out and about on the way to the Engine company this morning! Will have some pictures of the engine build as it is completed. Hope to have the car back first week in September. Then the plan is to start using it for regular track days.



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Track car should be ready in next couple of weeks. I then need to get some mileage on the new engine.

Just dropped the price of the iceberg to £3000 firm. Had loads of interest, but no viewings. Have no idear why this is(colour, mileage, history?). So if anyone wants a decent rare Cup please come and have a look!!


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Did oil and filter change on the iceberg this evening as was due really. Got shell Helix 5w40 which I use in my track car. £23 on offer from Euro car parts so can't complain. Have also ordered 3L of elf gearbox oil too, but did not turn up today. Hopefully be here tomorrow. Has a [email protected] panel filter so no need to change that. Gonna use it next couple of weeks to save a bit of money on fuel and I really enjoy driving it.



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Deposit taken last week on the Iceberg. First person to view purchased it. Had been to see several others too. Drove it to work for the last time last night. Such a great car and real joy to drive.

Will let the pictures do the talking on the track car update! Is all back together and running. I should be collecting in the week 😁


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Iceberg Cup has been collected by the new owner this evening. Definitely the best Cup I have owned. With all the suspension replaced, cooksports fitted and PS3's all round was an absolute joy to drive. Also reminded me why I like these little cars so much! The new owner has joined Cliosport so the car will still be around.

With the road Cup gone I can now concentrate on the track car. The car is all running and the guys that have built and fitted the engine are just running around in it for a week to make sure all is well. Fingers crossed I will be collecting it this weekend and then running too and from work in it to get some miles on the new engine. Hopefully get a track day in before end of the month too. Will see how I get on.


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I like the new profile photo mate.

So do you rate the Ps3's?
As road tyres definitely. Good grip in both dry and wet. Very quiet road noise compared to other tyres I have used. Seem to last well too. Michelin tyres also look nice!(I know that does not really matter).