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***How much is it worth?***

Allan H

ClioSport Club Member
  Ford Puma, Focus
Happy enough with it being improved on a bit. Hopefully enough to attract a buyer at least!


ClioSport Club Member
  Mint 1*2's for sale-
I hope so.

With regards to “investment” potential you want low mileage and no modifications.

But these cars are at the bottom of the depreciation curve now, any Clio 172/182 in good condition can only increase in value over time.

I don’t think they will go the way the R5 GT Turbo/ 205 GTi has, but l can see a time when a good 182 will be worth £5,000
Good mint ones in exclusive colours sub 50k
> £5000 already.

Need to be underpinned by the history though-


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More need to come off the road for prices to properly increase, when you still see the cars on the regular you know there are still plenty on the market.


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Black gold 182, 106k, 5 owners. Cup pack FF. Belts done 2016 with proof, aux kit done again last month.
New sump gasket, arp rod bolts and modified scenic shifter (yanoo kit) fitted 2019.
Rear brakes replaced 2018.
New track rods and ends and ball joints 2018.
Black series wishbone bushes and steering rack bushes 2018.
New oem engine mounts 2018.
Fatty induction. New filter 2018.
Evol dog bone 2017.
Bilstein b14.
PMS 10mm stub axle spacers.
Cup offset turini's with 2 recent Michelin PS3's, 2 low yokos.
Scorpion RS 192 exhaust.
Black xenons.
Few minor dinks on the body and a few stone chip's, looks like a daily driven car that's done 106k miles!
Some other stuff I've probably forgotten.
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  Monaco 172
53 plate Monaco 172

Will have 12 months MOT

partial service history, will need belts this year on time, not mileage.

Very presentable car, only bad point is a bit of crazing in the paint on the rear bumper corners beneath the lights.

Usual Clio stuff is good, thumb grips intact, headlights have been refurbished.

Black Eibach springs, proline?
Pro speed cat back exh
Polybushed dogbone
ITG panel filter
Parrot Bluetooth
Connects2 oem audio control thing
Sigma cat1 alarm
Recent discs and pads all around
New High pressure PAS hose
OEM wheels with uniroyal RS3

I've done 1300 miles this year, circa 3k the year before.. Somebody needs to use it!

What should I be asking chaps?


ClioSport Club Member
  Land Rover
Been told it will be around 7.5k I think that’s a tad high.
There was a 22k mile one for sale at a dealer in London for about six months for £5995
You just can’t get it. But if yours is a nice one maybe £4500 with that mileage