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Car broken into!! Help needed

Hi all,

So early this morning a t**t on a pedal bike decided to bend the passenger door and smash the window to get inside and rob the sub from the boot (nothing special) the neigbour heard it and scared him off (He would scare me as he is huge and a bouncer), I heard the shatter of the glass but when I got out of bed he had already darted.

Got a video of him arriving on his bike and of him running away from my other car's dash cam, also have his bike as he left it.

So what I need is, if anyone near the north west has a silver door (will get the paint code shortly) how much would you want, I can pick it up but need it asap preferably before I get ripped of from a scrapyard.

3 door
Electric window

Seriously don't know how the bugger got in and out through the window as he was over 6ft!

Thanks for any help.
That's what we would like to know, the only thing we can think is he has passed at some point when the missus has got home from work and opened the boot but even then it's hard to even see it as the missus has riding boots infront of it or just from hearing it as it's drove passed.

It wasn't just pick a car on the road and see what he can grab either as on the video he comes from the pathway oppsite and straight to the car.

Theres an old merc soft top parked behind the Clio and he didn't even batt an eyelid at that even though it would have been 10 times easier to get in an probably have more valueable stuff.

The car is completely standard aswel as you can see from the pic above even the standard radio and nothing on show at all inside (the missus keeps it very clean).

He didn't take any of the expensive horsey stuff the missus has in there just the sub which he ended up leaving behind to run and £1.50 from the glove box.
Not clear but good enough and the neighbour told the police he'll pick him out 100%

He knew were it was because he just came straight through the passage way to the car no other footage of him at all through the whole night just straight in and then legging it off up the road.
I don't know if he thought it would be better but the bike certainly ain't cheap. As mentioned above I've been wondering if that was stolen too.

When CSI come round tomorrow we'll see what they say.
Do you play music dead loud with the bass on and piss everyone off?
I don't mainly because I don't drive it as often (used to in my old car though as it had no back seats or boot space just subs ).

The missus doesn't have it too loud either I set it up to give a good balance of bass to go with the original front speakers and not over shadow their mid and treble, so it's not excessive, I'd compare the bass to a standard setup in a decent spec new car.
Mercury silver is the paint code you're looking for. Only non sports come in that colour I'm afraid.
The silver 1.2s I've seen in the scrappyards have been NV-632.

There is a silver sport in Blackpool, their going to get back to me today when their home, it does look alot closer to my colour than any others I've seen.

If needs must I'll just get that for now as it's a closer colour than Blue or Black, don't really want an inbetweeners looking car.
So yes then? Lol
Maybe tbh though both of us always have it turned down when we get in the estate as we live near a lot of elderly people (respect your elders and all that).

At the end of our estate is the motorway so round here it's never played loud but once on the motorway it's turned up a bit.