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225 engine Clio 200 not boosting fully?

  Clio 200...
So, quick overview, Clio 200 Cup with Megane 225 turbo engine plus a few other mods, larger injectors, fmic, remap to suit...
When on light / partial throttle turbo boots fine no problem, but when full throttle it's not boosting properly, feels like it's limiting itself maybe? Or just isn't hitting the full boost, you can feel the hesitation. It does it maybe 9 times out of 10.

Any ideas?

It'll be going to the garage soon anyway for a couple of wheel bearings / general check over but will go somewhere more specialist to look into this problem i think unless it's easily diagnosable. My immediate thoughts were a boost leak maybe on full throttle when boost pressure is higher? A fuelling issue maybe being restricted by the ECU? Not got much of a knowledge base on these engines / Renault in general but those were my immediate thoughts!


p.s. Thank you very much :blush::up:

Darren S

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Are you using a garage local to Heywood? Just curious as to who that would be.
  Clio 200...
Update: Was a pipe that had popped off as per my initial thoughts! Popped back on plus some new leads while there and now super smooth and pulling hard again! Back in on weds for some new rear wheel bearings which also needed doing but garage didn't have time before Xmas!

And the garage is just the normal garage I use for everyday things, Keith Wood Motors in Heywood, very reliable and I trust them!