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2005 RB 182 Cup


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  2005 RB 182 Cup
Not sure this is currently a project but thought I would put the progress of my newly purchased RB 182 Cup.

I've been after a second car to use for fun for almost a year and initially I had my heart set on a kit car, however a European road trip in June put me off. After completing 11 days and over 3 thousand miles in a new Golf GTD the thought of doing the same in a kit car seems like hell, therefore I looked at other options. I've always had a soft spot for 182 in particular Racing Blue ones and having only heard good reports I took the plunge a few weeks ago.

Upon a quick search online, I found some RB's are IMO overpriced and yet other are all over the place (price wise) however I found this one in the north of England. I arranged the price before going on holiday and upon returning home made the journey north to collect, which involved a 4am start! This is what I was greeted with:


Its not perfect but had all the main jobs covered and most importantly to me was in the best colour! TBH I was in a massive rush as I was out that night so

The 6hr 30mins drive home was faultless even in horrific weather I even managed to average a healthly 35mpg!

For the first couple of weeks the car has just sat in the garage, until last weekend I gave her a wash mainly to have a proper look around:


It washed up really well and seems to drive well so after deciding she was a keeper I set about purchasing a few goodies, which tbh has got out of hand, the list of purchases so far includes:
  • Oil
  • Genuine Oil filter
  • CL RC5+ pads
  • Brembo HC discs
  • ATE Super 200
  • Braided hoses
  • All new LED bulbs
  • Towing eye
  • Genuine HT Leads
  • Genuine Spark Plugs
  • Genuine Coolant
  • Genuine Power Steering fluid
  • More I've forgotten!
This weekend I set about changing the oil, spark plugs & HT leads. All of which went well, considering I've not worked on a car for at least 5 years, that was until I went to change the headlight & sidelight bulbs! They are a f**king nightmare to change, in the end I decided to remove the bumper as I also wanted to sort the cloudy headlights, this is where the problems started. Two retaining bolts are no longer retained, just spin & then the top headlight bolt on the passenger side snapped off!

I managed to get the bumper off however will have a few issues re-attaching due to these bolts, a few pics of the work from yesterday:



That is where the car currently sits. I've ordered a screw extractor set from Screwfix which I hope will enable me to get the broken headlight bolt out and I'll also spend a couple of hours this week sorting out the bolts which where stuck (passenger side arch bolt & one of the bolts under the car) so it is easier when I go to re-fit this weekend.

The short term plan is to fit the new brakes this weekend and change all the fluids and then longer term I plan on making her a track toy, however will retain interior but bucket seats with cage etc is the route I plan. I've also booked up my first track day with the Clio on Monday 7th November 2016 at Snetterton and tbh I can't wait.

I'll keep you all posted.



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  Clio 172 Cup
Got to love how these small jobs turn into mammoth tasks! Every bolt i seem to touch on mine either spins or crumbles...

Car looks fantastic though, love RB. Hope you manage to get the bolts out ok!


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  RB Clio 182
Looks a good base to start, I also took my bumper off at the weekend and suffered with exactly the same problems! Car looks really clean tho.


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  2005 RB 182 Cup
So this weekend I completed a few more jobs on my Clio.

First up was a couple of quick jobs, to start the day I changed the rear numberplate light, here you can see the difference between the new and old:


I also fitted an LED bulb:


This was a really easy job yet made a really really cleaned up the rear end, well worth doing especially as it only cost around £7.00 to complete including a new bulb.

While the bumper was off I fitted all new lights including silver indicator bulbs, LED side lights & Osram dipped & main beam bulbs. I believe the LED sidelights & indicator bulbs have really freshened up the front end, before:


I don't intend to do much night driving so slightly pointless but while the bumper was off seemed stupid not to change and the indicators are a major improvement cosmetically.

I then set about changing sorting the the annoying jobs, first on this list was to drill out the snapped off top headlight bolt:

This went relatively smoothly but I was unable to get the original bolt out with my extractor tool set so I ending up re-tapping the tread which was a quick fix.

Last weekend when I changed the spark plugs I notice a couple of the bolts where looking a little tired, so I wanted to replace and upon undoing the final top inlet bolt this happened:

So lucky I got it out before it snapped. I forgot to take any pics of the new bolts but for how much they cost its worth looking at doing.

I thought I would quickly do a coolant change which turned out to be a nightmare, I'm no expert when it comes to cars but the bottom radiator hose was a pain, I got it off fine but when it came to refitting I just couldn't get the leverage to open the clip, I then decided to remove the original clip and replace with a jubilee clip which should make future changes a breeze, however this did involve a trip to screwfix which wasted an hour of my day! Apart from the clip I found changing the fluid very simple, far easier than I remember on my old Saxo VTS.

I then finished the day on two simple jobs to, first up was the hazzard warning switch, when I was changing the indicator bulbs I noticed I could turn this on but couldn't turn it off again. I found one on eBay for around £5.00 which worked perfectly:


What I didn't also realise was the light behind the switch wasn't working so a nice surprise. For those of you that notice the poor state of the heater panel, fear not I have a new control panel which I will fit in the coming weeks.

Finally with loosing light, I started on my headlights, I started on them last weekend but was rushing but the improvement was massive, so I started again and they have come out really well, they are still not perfect and need protecting but they look a thousand times better, again only photos of the finished product.

This weekend coming I plan on changing the brakes (discs, pads, hoses & fluid) and also complete change the power steering fluid, all ready for a track day I have booked for Monday 7th November 2016 at Snetterton.

I'll keep you all posted of the brake change over the weekend and hopefully get some pics to help those even more clueless than me!!



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  2005 RB 182 Cup
Really really nice clio there mate.beautiful colour. U got some photos of trackday?
Long story short, I got held up at work and didn't make it :rage:

I just saw your other thread about 11th December 2016 at Snetterton which I may book onto.
  2004 clio 182
Ahhhh dude that sucks so bad.sorry to hear that.

Yeah wud be great to meet you and great to see so many clios on track.theres 3 of us leaving from southend that morning of the trackday


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  Clio 182 Cup
Good job so far.

You'll enjoy changing the heater control panel. That was the first job I done on mine and it put me off touching it again for a while!


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  2005 RB 182 Cup
Ahhhh dude that sucks so bad.sorry to hear that.

Yeah wud be great to meet you and great to see so many clios on track.theres 3 of us leaving from southend that morning of the trackday
I'm in Billericay, so if I book it up I may join you for the drive up there, if you don't mind that is!

Good job so far.

You'll enjoy changing the heater control panel. That was the first job I done on mine and it put me off touching it again for a while!
To be honest I put off changing the heater control as I've read a few horror stories! I was going to try and give it a go one night this week, but like usual I'm running out of time before i go away on Thursday however I can't wait to get this changed as it looks so bad currently.
  RB Clio 182
That looks great mate i love the small touches that you have done, have you got a link to the led numberplate bulb please.


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  2005 RB 182 Cup
Nothing major to report. I'm still not totally happy with the headlights to be honest so they need doing again at some point in the future, I also cleaned the seatbelts the other week, using the bucket, washing powder and AG shampoo and they came up a treat, I soaked them for a good 30 minutes before giving them a scrub but they have come up like new, again due to the shitty battery life on my iphone no pics.

Yesterday I a couple of hours refitting the front splitter, I do have a new one but it was far to cold to be laying on the floor marking it up so I quickly refitted the original one I took off a few weeks ago, I also re-attached the bolts on each wing. I then removed the locking wheel nuts and replaced with standard items which i quickly cleaned up:

A before and after shot:

As you can see they where in a bad way.

I also gave the front wheels a good clean while they where off, however as they are in such poor condition I don't know why I bothered:


This is after but my phone battery died shortly after so no before & after pics, but the long and short of this is that they require a refurb, which will happen after Christmas.

The wheel arches need a good clean but again I think that job will wait until a warmer weekend:


Sorry for the poor pic, I was up against sunlight, I wish there where more daylight hours!

I've also today order new arch clips and screws, which I will fit next time I jack the car up as the current ones are all rusty.

Finally I was sick and tired of hunting around for the correct tools, so last night I ordered the Halfords 200 piece tool kit for £135.00 ($ja=tsid:60494|cgn:GoogleShopping|kw:616353&istCompanyId=b8708c57-7a02-4cf6-b2c0-dc36b54a327e&istItemId=xmmlrmxql&istBid=tzxx&_$ja=tsid:35522|cid:344535484|agid:25437357364|tid:pla-211141362484|crid:89797547524|nw:g|rnd:10113987689331239204|dvc:c|adp:1o1&gclid=CK_2rrPjy9ACFe0K0wodSYoKQg) tbh I have most of the tools already however they are in no order and I waste so much time hunting for the correct socket, so I've hoping this will save time and also free up some space in my garage.

Hopefully this weekend I'll give her a good clean inside and out and depending on weather I may also change the power steering fluid & re-do the headlights.

Finally a pic of it going to bed!!


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  2005 RB 182 Cup
No real up-dates to report however this weekend (Sunday 11th December 2016) I'm going to Goodwood for the Pistonheads Sunday Service meet, so will be the first real drive of the car since I got it home.

Therefore this weekend I gave it a quick going over, to give credit to the previous owner the beading on the car is amazing, so cleaning is really easy. I did however have to give some attention to the plastic on the car as they where looking a little tired:

50/50 on the front grill:

I purchased a private plate as an early Christmas present to myself which I'm going to put on the car thus the no front number plate however I was unable to do this online so I sent the forms off this week but I won't be able to put the plate on for at least a few weeks, so today I ordered a set of the original number plates which will only be on for a few weeks which is a shame.

A quick overall pic:

List of jobs still to do is as follows:

  • Fit new front brake discs & pads (Brembo HC discs & CL RC5+ pads & braided hoses)
  • Wheel refurbishment (however am looking at a second set of 15" wheels)
  • Power steering fluid change
  • Gearbox oil change
  • Give the headlights a once over again as not totally happy with the finish
  • Fit new heater panel
  • Tidy engine bay.

I've had an issue with my side light, the drivers side has just stopped working for no reason which is annoying, it did work when I changed the bulb but over the weekend I noticed it had stopped working so I may need to change the bulb holder, which appears to be a common fault.

I'll keep you all posted, hopefully with more interesting updates soon.



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  2005 RB 182 Cup
Not a massive amount to up-date with but progress is still happening.

On Sunday 11th December I had an early start and drove o Goodwood for the Pistonheads Sunday Service, was a great day out and was great to actually drive the Clio since owning it. Overall I'm really pleased however the brakes seems to let the car down drastically, I have a feeling the rear passenger side caliper may be stuck, more below.

I quickly fitted some new boot struts which has helped massively as the boot refused to go down softly so a massive improvement:

A very easy job, almost couldn't believe how easy.

I then deceived to give the Clio's arches a quick once over.






I gave the very rusty wheels bolts a quick coat of black paint while they were off.


Gave the wheels a quick going over and the rear passenger wheel was a right mess compared to the others, I was even using a wire brush!

Front Passenger wheel are a good clean:


Rear passenger after a good clean:


I need to look into the brakes in a little more detail as I have brand new front discs and pads but don't want to fit them if I have a problem.

Also getting these from the Wife as as Christmas present, I've wanted a pair for years so I'm really pleased.


Today should be my last day in the office until the new year so I will have a few days spare over the festive period so I plan to get a few jobs completed as I want the car ready to go in spring for track days etc.

I'll keep you posted!



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  2005 RB 182 Cup
With the winter set in full swing and the thought of working on the car in the cold, I have spoken to Engine Dynamics and arranged from them to complete a few jobs, namely the following:
  • Fit front Brembo HC disc
  • Fit CL RC5+ pads
  • Fit new rear dics & pads
  • Fit braided hoses
  • Fit new stainless steel bleed nipples
  • Flush brake system and replace fluid with ATE Super 200
  • New power steering fluid
I then made the decision to get the belts replaced at the same time, which also lead onto the dephaser and water pump being ordered also. The belts still had a good 2 years life in them according to the service book, but as I only plan on using the car for track days etc I thought I better be safe. Plus it means the car will be back with me at the end of January for hopefully my first track day at Bedford on 28th January 2017.

I'll keep you posted with the progress at Engine Dynamics but from the commutation I've received I can't recommend them enough.



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  2005 RB 182 Cup
So the Clio has had an eventful couple of weeks!

Firstly a fitting me personalised numberplate, the new plates make the car look newer IMO:
Rear after much cleaning.


I've since lowered the number plate as i felt it was sitting a tad to high.

I had arrange to meet a few friends on Sunday 22nd January 2017 for a morning and breakfast. In preparation for this I went to get petrol the night before, a quick 5 minute job! Not today, a good two hours it took.

Basically the battery had died. After a quick trip to Halfords for a booster pack and trickle charger it was up and running. The next morning it starts first time, all good I think. The 2hr driver to our meeting point the car didn’t skip a beat, had a lovely breakfast and the car once again started first time.

Looking clean on the Sunday morning:

Then as we said our goodbyes the trouble really started! A small amount of smoke starts coming from the front of the car. Upon opening the bonnet it was clear the alternator was dead, luckily the RAC provided a very good service and I was provided with a courtesy car (from a 3rd party) to get home and they arrange to deliver the car to Engine Dynamics where it was, luckily, already booked in for all the other work.

Always a sad sight:

On route to warehouse for the night:

This was my Sunday lunch that I was meant to be eating with my in-laws about 4 hours earlier!

I picked up the car this Saturday and I’ve only driven it home as I’m suffering with flu however the brakes feel miles better, I can’t wait to drive it more.

I must say I’ve experience really good service from Engine Dynamics.

Fingers cross I’ll get on track in February!




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  2005 RB 182 Cup
Also, what sparco shoes are they, out of interest?
Sorry, only just noticed you replied to my thread. They are Sparco Gamma KB-4 Kart Boots Black. I got them form Demon Tweeks and cost around £75 delivered. I've only wore they around the house so far, however they are very comfortable.

Lastly, I think I have some spare wheel bolts should you need them. Where abouts in essex are you?
I'm in Billericay BTW. Thanks for the offer I've recently purchases a set of polarised wheel bolts from TPI, but thanks again.



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  2005 RB 182 Cup
A small update.

After a long wait TPI received stock of the polarised wheel bolts. I wont fit these until I get my wheels refurbished but I can't wait:


I then gave the car a quick wash this morning as it hadn't been touched since the day it broke down, so was filthy:


This afternoon at around 4pm I decided to make a start on changing over the heater control panel. The panel on the car was in a bad way, so I couldn't wait to change this over. After reading online about how hard this was I was slightly worried, however thanks to the guide on here I found it relatively simple, excluding the issue of the heater panel lights no longer working.


Really helpful guide:



Who needs the correct tools when you have kebab sticks!


Getting there:




New one in:


I then went out for a quick drive to ensure the heater actually worked as should.

As mentioned above the lights no longer work behind the heater controls, so any suggestions on why this may be will be great.

Tomorrow morning I'll get it all put back together assuming I can get the lights working again.




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  2005 RB 182 Cup
No worries Tom. Happy to help a fellow Essex RB owner!

TPI bolts are good, but the locking wheel ones aren't. They don't seem that strong and rust easily.
Thanks again.

TBH I didn't buy any locking wheel nuts, the car will only be used for track days and when not in use should be in the garage, I have a set of locking wheels nuts for when I do venture afar!


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  2005 RB 182 Cup
So I've got the new unit in place and all working, however I can't get it to light up again :rage: I've also noticed that I'm unable to get either the aircon or recirculation light working. TBH I don't know if these were working before.

I've checked the fuses and all appear fine. I'm just about to change the bulbs.

Does any one know which connection provides power for the lights on the heater control panel? The green connection was a little broken (black arm wasn't as strong as it should be!


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  2005 RB 182 Cup
How much were the bolts?
Sorry for the late reply, for some reason I get get notified.

The bolts where just shy of £40 delivered, however I think I got them at an older price, I think they want an additional £4-5. If you email them they may do them a few £'s cheaper. If you don't ask you don't get!


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  2005 RB 182 Cup
So its been a busy weekend.

I picked up a set of 2118's from @Duck Hunt yesterday (top bloke). As he had work Saturday I left Essex at 4.30am to get to him before 8.30. I arrived around 7.30 and was home again by 10.30am, which included a quick stop for Breakfast on route home. It also gave the Clio its first real drive since having all the work completed at Engine Dynamics.

Early start:

Filling up with V-Power just before picking up the wheels:

Wheels all loaded:


As soon as I got them home I gave them a quick wash, polish & wax:

All done:

Mock up:

Then today I made a start on re-painting my dash inserts. They had been painted in the past poorly had drip marks all over them:

Forgot to take pics before, but this is a 50/50:

I started with some 800 grit paper to get rid of most of the drips:

I then used some 1000 & 1500 grit paper to get them smooth before painting and this is how they currently look:

To put it into perspective they look better like this than before IMO! I've still not sure what colour I want to paint them. I initially wanted to paint them Racing Blue however I don't want it too look chavy, so I'm currently thinking on either silver or ananthracite.

I'll get the primer, paint & lacquer one day this week, but I think I'm leaning towards anthracite as I can then match this to the inlet & engine component I plan to paint.

Finally regarding the 2118's they aren't an ideal colour but they are in too good condition to spend money on at present, so I'll get my Turinis refurbished and some new tyres fitted to them and worry about chaining these maybe next winter. However I think they'll look 'cool' for track use.

Cheers for reading.


Dr Jekyll

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Nice updates bud.

Wheels will look good too. Also, RB dash strips will look "too much". Stick to a nice sutble colour. I have done mine Peugeot metallic graphite and it looks oem I think.


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  2005 RB 182 Cup
For some reason I don't seem to get notification on my own thread! :rage:


Don't go RB, i think it's too in your face IMHO. Loving the wheels, had contemplated them but funds didn't allow.
I agree having had a look around I also think it will be a little OTT if I paint the dash inserts in RB. Still not sure weather or not to go silver or a grey.

Nice updates bud.

Wheels will look good too. Also, RB dash strips will look "too much". Stick to a nice sutble colour. I have done mine Peugeot metallic graphite and it looks oem I think.
IIRC I had a set of wheels painted in Peugeot Metallic Graphite, it is a really good colour. However I think I may want something a little lighter.

candy red will awesome on rb paint ,love it
They are growing on me against the RB. I think once I've actually got them on the car I'll be more convinced, but as said they are too good to change!

Can never go wrong with 2118's, look forward to seeing them on.
Ever since I got my Clio I wanted a set of 2118's however I think I'll need to coilovers before fitting them otherwise the car will look a little high IMO. I'll throw the 2118's over the next few weeks and see how it looks before I spend any more money!


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  2005 RB 182 Cup
Some small updates.

Firstly I purchased a new dogbone mount from FB which already had powerflex bushes fitted. I've not yet fitted as I run out of daylight at the weekend so I'll do this in a few weeks time time:


I then wanted to make the engine bay a little impressive, the engine bay was relatively clean when I purchased the car however totally original:


It appears at some point in the past someone has painted the rocker cover which is flaking off a little as you can make out form the above.

I firstly made a start on the brace next to the battery (don't know the official name!)



I forgot to take a picture after I took away the paper but it came up pretty well.

Then the other weekend when I went to collect my 2118's my emissions light came on so I order an engine code reader from eBay:

Upon getting it working:

I had the usual de-cat fault code but also "P0302 Cylinder 2 Misfire Detected" I managed to clear both codes and I'll see if the the misfire code returns however after speaking to a few mates who know about Clio's I've been informed its usually a sign the injector is on the way out, coil issues or plugs. I've recently changed the plugs so I'm thinking it will be the injectors. But as said I'll wait until the code returns before I change anything.

I also managed to paint the interior dash inserts this weekend, I was unsure what colour to paint them initially but I settled on matt black. I'm not totally convienced I still think a silver would have brightened up the interior but they look a lot better than before and it didn't take long so can easily be repainted at a later date.



Fitted, sorry a shitty night time pic: