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182 Full Custom Roll Cage Design


ClioSport Club Member
Hello All,

Nearly completed stripping a 182 to turn it into a track car so been discussing what to do with the roll cage. So would be great to hear peoples thoughts and ideas to make a better roll cage.

Ideally would want to have a Custom Cages multipoint weld in cage (like below) but without the cost.


So! My friend and I (co owners) have decided to try and design and build our own. The idea being that we would get Tube Bender Tom to bend the main hoop and front side pieces then the rest would be up to ourselves.

First step was to measure up the Clio and make a first iteration of the main hoop and front sides. Got the Clio level on axle stands then used a 360 degree laser to create 3 planes within the car to allow me to measure X, Y and Z co-ordinates of hard points and bend points.



With one of the planes lined up with where i reckoned the main hoop should be i used pipe insulation to represent the tube. The pipe insulation conveniently was just under 50mm and a glue gun was perfect to stick the insulation in place.


With the pipe insulation in place i then set about measuring a number of different points to give me X, Y and Z co-ordinates which will then be used to create a CAD model of the cage. Was really easy measuring the points using the laser planes so didn't take as long as i thought.



With about 10 points measured I started with an initial CAD model. The plan is to print out the main hoop as a 2D full size drawing at work to then allow me to check the fit inside the car. Then can go through a few iterations of the main hoop until i am happy with it. Unsure on what sort of clearance to leave between the tube and the body. Just enough space to allow me to get the welder in?


So this is what I ended up with using the measured points. I put some nominal bend radii in there for the time being. Need to check with Tom or who ever eventually bends the tube if i need to stick with certain radii or not.

Then got a bit carried away on CAD, hopefully this is what it would end up like.


Obviously need to measure where all the other tubes need to go and check they will fit but more concerned about getting the main hoop correct along with the front upper side tubes as these would need bending. Then hopefully the rest can be done with straight tubes, hence can just cut and notch those myself.

Will add more detail into the CAD model once i start to get the correct shape. Planning on just following the MSA regs with regarding thickness, grade etc.

Would be great to hear your thoughts and whether I am heading in the right direction with it or missing out something crucial out.

Hoping at the end of it i will be able to send out the drawings/CAD model so others can get the tubes bent themselves.

If people show an interest in this I may start a proper build thread as I have found other peoples very useful, particularly TomoTek's build.

Hope to show some more progress shortly.