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172 CUP Track Car


ClioSport Club Member
Has anyone ever had an issue with the cam locking tool not fitting in Cat Cams by anychance?

Whilst I sorting the storm shell out I dragged the engine out to look at timing it up, but the D shaped locking tool wouldn’t slide into the slots on the catcams. Even if it took the cam out the head neither side of the locking tool would fit.

I didn’t try my luck by forcing it in, just wondered if anyone else has ever come across this?

I’ve got a genuine Renault locking kit.


ClioSport Club Member
Removed the front bumper and headlight blanks this morning as I wanted to drop the rad into the subframe as I’m paranoid it’ll get damaged laying around lol.

5687028B-F9EA-455C-9F77-5ED4EFF0CBDF.jpeg 26C98D2C-6DB6-48EF-9080-17297ACDB6F9.jpeg D36FB194-8BAE-478A-8551-170AFC983AA0.jpeg

I’ve also given the fibreglass panels a good look over. It needs a new bonnet as that’s crack in a lot of places. The drivers door catches the wind really badly and the boot is cracking around the pop buttons, so will cross my fingers I can add aero catches instead.