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What Are Peoples NewYears Resolutions Clio Wise?

Well mine is to hopefully get this rot box on the road again! it needs some professional help now I've taken it as far as my capabilities go


Whats others Resolutions/plans?


ClioSport Club Member
That doesn't sound like fun!
It will be bit of a reluctant sale but in all fairness I did build it knowing I would be selling it at some point after I had done the Manx.
It would be nice to do some more events in it this year. We shall see.

(Anyone want to advertise on a Clio stage rally car pm me lol)


ClioSport Club Member
Interior to full club sport spec (buckets are at the trimmers as we speak)

Coilovers ARB's, full suspension refresh and professionally setup for Fast Road

Diff fitted.......then hopefully get to drive the f***er more than 500 yards without something breaking.


ClioSport Club Member
I would still love another F4R one having a lot more knowledge than ten years ago but they all need a full restoration for the condition I'd want with arches welded so no water could ever get in!