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Unplanned Arctic Blue 182!

Since I was getting some carbon skinning work done on the Mini, I thought I would take some Clio bits off for practice purposes and if they came out ok, I could put them on the car. Starting simple with fairly flat parts and will work up to more curved/compund curved surfaces as my skills improve. Nipped to a local scrapyard for some A-Pillar/Mirror wiring covers for the usual price they quote of a fiver.

These came off of a non-sport Clio so were in a rather fetching shade of grey.


So first thing was to key them with 120grit and paint em satin black


Then spray adhesive and carbon laid on. Laying the carbon is the hardest part of the whole thing. Trying to get it to lay down into curves and around corners without distorting the weave is a nightmare. I have found that stealing the Mrs hairspray and coating the fabric prior to application holds the fibres together and reduces distortion though.


Then once the adhesive dried, I trimmed the edges a bit and wrapped the excess carbon around the part to create a neater finish.


Then I wetted out the carbon with two coats of resin, 2hrs apart to form the base layer. Leaving this to dry for at least 8hrs to get to initial cure, before a light sand then follow up with multiple resin coats at 2hr intervals. Working 5am-1pm tomorrow so will be plenty time after that to get the resin coats done and dusted.


I also removed the trim panels from the car as they were wrapped in carbon fibre effect vinyl which looks shite. The panels themselves are actually different colours/patterns for some reason.


Same as before and now sitting in first couple coats of resin.


More tomorrow
Been working annoying shifts recently so haven't had much chance to work on this. However with a day off today I finished off the column cowl and got that fitted up. Next up is the bottom half but Greigzy currently has all my Torx bits and he's in f**king India


And popped a random shot on an ice cream run to the beach the other night.


Went out to GTScotland meet at Midmar today and I did enjoy the car spotters at the gate getting well excited hearing this coming with its epic note with pops and bangs to then find a Clio appear round the corner
  182 Turbo
Obviously the vmax coils not doing the trick, I wouldn't say you were ridiculously low in fact I think it sits perfect , but if your scrubbing when the cars leaning hard into the corners the spring rates are probably to soft on that coilover for the ride height. a coilover with adjustable dampening would be better off