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Two types of PS3 on camskill?

I have previously emailed Michelin to ask about the difference in fuel efficiency ratings, because I had this question myself - they came back to say it should be fine to use different ratings on each axle (i.e. when you're just changing fronts or rears) and there should be no differences in handling etc., IIRC.

On that basis, you might as well get the E rated tyres - more fuel efficient and also cheaper to buy = win/win.


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The PS2 & PS3 205's have always come in two different load ratings, 84V & 87V, could it be the same with the 195's? The 87V have always been a few quid more than the 84V, so perhaps a mistake on website, best ask


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Hi Guys,

Looking to get some Pilot sport 3's in 195/45/16 (I've got good 195's on the back and bald 205's on the front so just going to match the rear ones, I know its not 100% spec for 182). On camskill they have two PS3's in this size. The only difference I can see is the fuel efficiency.

Did they change the compound or design at some point?

See post 113, is this deal still running?