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Sensor for climate control


ClioSport Club Member
  Land Rover
Although my climate control and aircon are working, it’s a bit slow to respond.
I took the roof console off and the sensor doesn’t look like the one in the parts listing.
Is this an alternative part that someone has fitted (as people seem to complain about a whining noise from the motor)


Here’s the one it says should be fitted?


ClioSport Club Member
  Land Rover
Can anybody give me any information about this.
Is my car fitted with a later part and could l fit the one with the motor which would almost certainly work better?
@STEVE.M is usually sh*t hot with stuff like this..

Anyone else got a pic of the inside of their console !?

Have you fixed this? .. I have air con removed and my heaters only blow hot air. I need it fixing with this warm weather
Why would you want to remove your a/c... if it's 25C outside, what temperature do you think the air coming in from outside, and then into the cabin will be...?

If it's only blowing properly hot air and you've the digital climate control unit, then IIRC it's possibly the resistor pack you need to change.


ClioSport Club Member
if it's a blue dot on the outside it's the late climate sensor which doesn't have an integrated fan and is quieter. You can swap it out for one. If you get it plugged into CLIP you'll be able to see if one of the sensors isn't working because the temp listed on the parameters page will be -64. Realistically I would expect it to be the a/c gas.