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Saxo VTS low mile


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Gone mate. Sold it a few months ago. Was a sad day but the right decision, wasn't using it. I'll always have a soft spot for them now, though.
Damn that’s a shame. How much did you let it go for? Out of touch now on evo prices.


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  Evo VIII MR FQ340
Damn that’s a shame. How much did you let it go for? Out of touch now on evo prices.
16,300 in the end. Strong money for 8 MR but I'd spent a great deal on it and there's not many in that condition anymore. It would still have needed treating underneath in a year or two though to keep it that way if I were to keep using it. Agro...

There are cheaper sheds out there lol


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Spent some wonga today due to eBay doing 15% off.

So bits ordered.

- Full cambelt and waterpump kit
- Oil and filter
- Air filter
- Fuel filter
- Spark Plugs
- Wishbones
- Drop links
- Rack ends
- Wiper blades
- Discs and pads

Going to do all this myself including the belts as for once they look dead easy.

I will also clean up the inner arches front and rear plus boot floor and under sill.

Going to put the car on stands and get the wheels refurbed with new tyres this week.

Hopefully by end of Jan this will all be done and motd.


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Add new shocks to that list now, want gas filled rather than oil. Plus pretty sure drivers side front is leaking.


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Started striping all suspension off the front end for replacement. Wishbones have never been changed as foam was sealed inside car. Can’t conplain with that! Going to wire brush it all back, paint and seal. Also well chuffed with boot floor!



ClioSport Club Member
Passenger side removed and given a very quick clean to what’s under dirt happy days.



ClioSport Club Member
Ordered some genuine parts today.

- New door pillar stickers
- New spare wheel hook
- New arch popper things
- Battery clamp
- Powersteering res cap
- Water bottle cap
- Gear knob
- VTS badges
- Manifold cover

£126 didn't think that was bad.


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Tyres ordered this morning ready for alloy wheel refurb on Friday. Went for Nakang NS2s, would of likes something like Goodyear F1s but they come in just under £350 plus fitting. But to much for a car I’m only going to use occasionally in the summer.


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  No car. To speak of.
Ah okay.

LeeRs, doesn't come on much had them fitted and in the wet they are dreadfull. In the dry not lots better either.

I'd have gone Avon zt5/7 if in size


ClioSport Club Member
Ah okay.

LeeRs, doesn't come on much had them fitted and in the wet they are dreadfull. In the dry not lots better either.

I'd have gone Avon zt5/7 if in size
Ah okay.

LeeRs, doesn't come on much had them fitted and in the wet they are dreadfull. In the dry not lots better either.

I'd have gone Avon zt5/7 if in size
Will see how it goes. Tyre choice in this size is really limited. Top end it Goodyear or continental than it’s budget.

Car is dry use only and hopefully these will be ok.


ClioSport Club Member
  No car. To speak of.
What two versions are there out of interest. Assumed the road or more track based


ClioSport Club Member
Cambelt today. Looks like it’s the original belt due to some foam items that have to be broken to remove cam cover.

Belt seems to be in good nick with no cracks.





Idle pulley and waterpump was fairly straight forward to remove. Usually the water pump is a c**t due to seizing itself into the block.




Fitted new belt and tensioner, tensioned as per guide by pushing down and forward at the same time. Grips removed at that point.


Removed locking pin from flywheel and cams. Rotated engine by hand 5 times, put locking pins back in and checked everything lined up, removed again and rotated another 5 times and again re inserted locking pins. All looks good.


Tomorrow I will fit new auxiliary belt, thermostat and fill with fresh coolant and start..... hopefully the tension is correct.


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Easier although still busy day.

Lots of new genuine parts turned up today, pillar decals, power steering resovior cap, manifold cover, gearknob etc.

Dropped alloys off for refurb this morning, will be ready early next week.

Changed oil, filter, air filter, spark plugs, refitted new wishbones and rack ends. Also refitted front bumper.

Tits sent me the wrong alternator belt so picking one uptomorrow morning so I can fit it.


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  1993 micra
Tip top top tip:
Use bulldog clips to hold the belt, less chance of marking the belt and creating stress raisers.


ClioSport Club Member
Slow going today due to being sent the wrong parts. Typical.

So rechecked timing and tension, removed upper engine mount ready for replacement when it finally arrives.

Fitted new wishbones and rack ends, stripped down the old hubs to remove shock and springs to rebuild tomorrow with new springs, topmounts and shocks.

List of things left to do before I fit the fancy new bits.

- Fit thermostat and fill plus bleed coolant.
- fit new engine mount.
- Once started and happy with belt tension, fit new auxiliary belt and refit covers
- Fit new driveshafts when seals arrive, refill gearbox with fresh oil.
- Swap discs and pads from VTR to VTS as they are brand new.
- paint callipers front and rear.
- seal front and rear arches with Dintrol stone chip seal.
-Double check boot floor at same time whilst everything is off.
- Than onto the nice bits!

How she sits now....


Arches stripped back and treated usual areas, didn’t need it but if I treat now it will stop anything starting.




ClioSport Club Member
spent the morning looking over boot floor. I could see the spare wheel bag was holding water up against rail so wanted to treat the area.

Dropped wheel and brushed back anything that had surface rust.

Not a lot if any but not taking any chances. Waiting for treatment to set than whole boot floor will be cleaned again and sealed. Won’t have to worry about it again.

Also sealed the front arches with dintrol chip wax. Cracking product would of liked silver finish but it does the job and again I want it to last and be protected as nothing added from factory.

Boot floor



Front arches




Also started cleaning the rear arches. Nothing to be seen here so degrees, dry and seal.




ClioSport Club Member
Boot floor has now been treated to prevent anything from springing up. Interestingly the surface area treated is where the spare tyre was rubbing against floor. Also having the spare wheel bag around the wheel can’t be a good thing hasn’t it holds moisture up against floor.

Anyhow tomorrow I will zinc prime and seal with the same stone cheap sealent I used in the wheel arches.

Also painted the brake callipers. Will look great when wheels fitted but will remove end of the summer and have them sent of and rebuilt.