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Project 182 Inferno

  Clio mk2
After months of searching, I finally got an Inferno 182 a couple of months ago now. Viewed a few different ones but couldn't find a nice, low mileage example for ages.
All the nice ones were a million miles away and the rest that was near had s**t for sale ads. But in the end, I found this Inferno hiding away in Grimsby and really glad I held off for this colour.

Quick overview:
Around 66k miles with some mods already done. The main ones being a full ktec exhaust system, front seats and 40mm springs.
No service history before the father/son who had owned it as they had a small falling out with the previous owner over a small mechanical fault, so the books weren't sent over. So, unfortunately, no actual proof of belts being done but do have a screenshot of the ebay ad which mentions the belts last done in 2015. So will be getting all done later this year or early next year.
Few issues here and there. Serv/abs light comes on intermittently (although hasn't come on for a quite a while now). Doesn't affect anything when driving.
Handbrake position wack so back brakes binding.
Engine light due to decat.
The biggie is an immobiliser that occasionally doesn't want to start. Going to get a specialist to have a look at this one day. Can normally trick it to work by either pressing the brake pedal or getting in/out of the car. But would rather get this looked at soon ish in case it decides one day to completely go nope.
Don't think the cruise control works either.

But apart from some other niggles here and there am proper happy with her. Looks ace, sounds ace and goes well. Going to take a while to get used to it going from the 1.2.

Have done a fair bit since owning it and has been in the garage for the past couple of weeks for a huge service/sorting out some of the above issues so I'll update this more over the next few weeks as to what has been done.

Lots of plans for her but not trying to spend too much atm as planning to travel again shortly so will be getting tucked up in a garage somewhere whilst I'm away.
If you've seen my other thread with the non-sport you'll realise am pretty ocd with the attention to detail, expect the same with this :)

One standard phone pic for now (during a major cleaning sesh)..



ClioSport Club Member
Looks lovely, Inferno is underrated IMO. Especially when it’s been polished up! I didn’t set out to get an Inferno myself but when I viewed it I changed my mind very quickly lol.

Guessing it’s a Cup?
  Clio mk2
Looks lovely, Inferno is underrated IMO. Especially when it’s been polished up! I didn’t set out to get an Inferno myself but when I viewed it I changed my mind very quickly lol.

Guessing it’s a Cup?
Yeah it's a cup.
They seriously look amazing in the sun! I was kinda leaning to get a RB but happy I didnt now!
  Clio mk2
New dipped bulbs fitted -

New blades

Swapped a few of the parts that were wrapped to the ones I had painted in my 1.2 -


And a few of the buttons/trimmed parts -


Long ass aerial swapped to the stubby (nice colour match whoever sprayed the spoiler..!).


  Clio mk2
New led bulb/holder for the back.

New LED reverse bulbs.

Swapped the speaker covers/door handles from the 1.2.
Doesn't look as good with the cup door cards but I would like to change the door cards/rear seats as the pov spec look dreadful.

And also swapped the parcel shelf from my 1.2 which I had sprayed with black fabric spray and had OCD sprayed the small end bits/clips black.

Stuck the new smaller plate on and swapped the front splitter to the gloss black one, from the 1.2 again.
Don't have an after pic here..

The 182 did have carbon effect wrapped fog light surrounds and a painted upper grille but it looked quite naff imo as was done in a matte finish, so they got swapped for the gloss black fog surrounds/upper grille from ze 1.2. Again no after pic for now. Gave them both a good polish cause why not?!


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  Clio mk2
Looking good 👍. That spoiler though 🙄
Cheers! Spoilers an odd one as not always noticeable but then you look at it from an angle and it's just a million miles off 🤦‍♂️ on the cards at a later date to be re-done.

Final few bits from the 1.2 to this one:

Side indicator covers changed to the black ones.

Lower handbrake handle plastic changed to the trimmed one.

And lastly swapped the 2 inside boot panels. One in the 182 was a bit scratched and chipped.

Had this boot matt laying around for years as never fit it to my non sport due to the sub/amp, so may as well use this for now. Tidys the appearance up a touch.

Better picture showing the gloss front grille/fog surrounds/splitter.
  Clio mk2
A couple of pics of the inside from the full clean when I first got her. No before ones but was pretty mucky in places.
Put the FK euro lights on whilst I was doing this, as seen in other pics up top.


As there's no proper service history with the car, thought it would be best to 'start again' and put it in for a full service with the intention of belts etc later in the year. All the below got fitted whilst doing the service.
Purchased a Renault service book from ebay so all will be logged and kept up to date.

New battery as the one in the car wasn't overly great. Had it tested whilst broke down one day, and the chappie advised a new one wouldn't be a bad idea so went with the same brand (Yuasa) as my other Clio as it had been top-notch running all the speakers/amp/sub faultlessly and still working fine after storing the car for around a year.

Ktec braided brake hoses fitted.

New RamAir filter.

Replaced coolant.

Gearbox oil, spark plugs, oil filter, sump plug washer, pollen filter.

Oil change and purchased new brake fluid as RBF 600 gets great reviews.