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Old Mans Vtec Mini Club

This is my dads B16'd Mini Clubman.

He sourced the shell, engine, running gear, interior etc and got a local place to put it together.

Since these pics he's had the sunroof removed and the roof reskinned.

It's great fun and quite practical, not bad for a 59 year olds weekend toy :D

Thought id post up a few pics












  Tiger R6 / Saxo Vts
Good work - my mate has an old mini that is immaculate - bored out to 1390 cc I think. He's just throwing another 3k odd at it to supercharge the engine, but it'll only be 1290cc then (with different block) to take the boost. Still only reckons it's going to be just over 100bhp. Doesn't seem worth the money when he could just put a vtec lump in like this one - albeit it sounds like much harder work.
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I thought it was @ 5800 rpm for the V-tec on a B16 ? On my old Civic VTI-S B18 engine it was 4000 rpm for V-tec ?

Dont think so mate. Maybe have one on my phone, i'll try dig it out.

Vtec comes in at around 4K, which is fun. The noise it makes is awesome.
Not a fan of the colour and styling, unless he puposely went to make it look like noddys car in which case its actually a stroke of genious. Vtec minis are sweeeeeeeeeeeet though :):)
I appreciate the work that has gone into that and can see that he has done a good job of it. Personally I love Mini Clubman Estates and think its nice to retain some originality but if you fit a Honda or Red top in them you have to change track width at the front hence the need for body mods. Nice job on colour coding it. Overall really like it and gives me food for thought for my Elf.