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[Mar 4, 2018] EofE Coast Run (Great Yarmouth sea front.)


East of England
ClioSport Area Rep
Meet up in GY on the front, drive the coast road up to north Norfolk Cromer or further. Stop for pics/chats/food. There is a cafe on the cliffs at Cromer with a big grassed car park.


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  Ph1 172 & 172 Cup
I don't know what I am doing on this date yet but are others outside the area able to tag along? It's a nice drive out to Norfolk from Cambridge so I could be tempted :smile:


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  2003 Clio 172
I'm game for this if i'm alive after a Saturday night out... Live near Cromer too so an ideal end point for me!


ClioSport Club Member
I won't be able to make the meet this time, gutted! But being away that weekend was one thing, but now my car has an oil leak and don't want to make it any worse - this has cemented my absence............ roll on the next one however!


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  Ph1 172 & 172 Cup
Unfortunately I can't make this now, apologies, would love to get along to one of these in the not too distant future but the cup needs some work doing, hopefully this weekend, and the Ph1 is still tucked up in the garage with no MOT, have a good run out, will keep my eye out for the next one :up: