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Loggyboy's racer - 750mc Ktec Clio 182 Championship


ClioSport Club Member
Picked up the 2nd to last piece of jigsaw this weekend. Only my ARDs to go and I should be racing this year.



Its tatty and battle scarred and its not my name on the side, but shes proven race winner for only a little more £££ than the parts alone needed to upgrade my current track Clio. Plus I'm bound to be trading paint so pointless starting with a nice tidy ex road/track car.
Next is ARDs which i hope to book in coming weeks with the aim of doing a few events this year before a full season next year.
On a side note the Kia Sorento I bought a few months back as a tow car performed faultlessly for the ~500mile round trip so even more pleased with that choice of that, recommended to anyone wanting a cheap tow car with a 3tonne cap.


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  Hi comp phase 1
Rubbing is racing! Good luck with the test and racing.. look forward to your updates (y)(y)(y)


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  182 Cup/ Impreza RB5
Got a Sorento myself and towed for the first time last month with the Scooby on the back, was surprised at how easy the Sorento pulled it. Had mine remapped when i got it so got a bit more poke than the std 140bhp it came with.


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ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 182
Had a Sorento and a sportage couldn’t speak more highly of them. We tow 3.5t most days. Cheap motoring bar the tax and pretty good trim spec on the titans!