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Leeds_182 LOLvo barge


North Yorkshire & Humber
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Been on the look out for something so I didn't have to run the Evo on daily duties. I was hoping to buy my pals 240 but that never happened so have been on the look out for something for a few weeks.

I saw this on the trader, service history and importantly a full mot.

It's the 2.3 high pressure turbo with an amazing 160bhp! Looked into them before and it seems to be the one to go for. This is also a manual box and looked pretty straight on the pictures so made the FOUR HOUR drive down to Basingstoke to pick it up.

Here are the pictures from the for sale advert.







Took it for a spin and it's like driving a 1980s Cadillac. It wallows around the corners and isn't fast but I really enjoyed the drive. I agreed on a price with the seller and set off on the long journey home.

Obligatory v power fill up shot;


A couple with the support vehicle;



Got her home and just had time for a quick wash off the motorway grime before it slashed it down. Full polish and wax planed for tomorrow weather permitting!

Willie the whippet checking out his new ride pre wash;



Ready for tomorrow;


Oh, and check out the key fob!


Mr R.

ClioSport Club Member
Im a little bit jealous, im not gonna lie. I have so much want for a old Volvo estate.

Whats it like on fuel mate?

Ive found the other one on AT but its to expensive.


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I bought the same spec car in 2009 and was going to drop the engine and box in a e36 compact for some budget M3 action,
Unfortunately life got in the way and I had to sell everything.


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Jesus wept did Volvo not know what curves where back in the 90s:tearsofjoy:

Volvo fan myself and loved my old s60 but dunno about that, good if you wanna transport a coffin I suppose.


North Yorkshire & Humber
ClioSport Area Rep
Im a little bit jealous, im not gonna lie. I have so much want for a old Volvo estate.

Whats it like on fuel mate?

Ive found the other one on AT but its to expensive.
Not bad on juice from what I can see. I've done 210 miles and the gauge is showing just over a half. Looks like a Prius at the side of the Evo.
It really is a box on Wheels lol.

Looks really clean though, i always remember these being huge, but quite small now compared to modern stuff.

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Looks like a purple hurse!!! Not even sure that's how you spell it. Cracking daily though (providing it doesn't break down). Did the petrol to Basingstoke cost more than the car mate? Ha :)