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how to check if seatbelt pretensioners have activated on new clio 3 iii 06 plate

Discussion in 'New to ClioSport? Read this section first' started by hidshop, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. hidshop


    Jul 5, 2010
    clio dci 1.5 dynamice
    The car has been in an accident, no airbags have gone off? I have done a diagnostic and its showing faults with the airbag ecu which is mounted under the centre console I assume the faults are there due to the airbag ecu holding accident data which is causing the spanner light and the airbag check message.
    I know there are places who can delete the data if you send the ecu off to them but I am worried that maybe the accident data is stored due to the Pretensioner going off and if so I would have to change them, however how can you tell if a pretensioner has gone off ? as the seatbelts are fine in the car they move in out as normal and retract quickly just as a normal car seatbelt would.
    On the new shape clio 06-09 there are no longer the seatbelt buckle which contained the seatbelt pretentioner under neath the buckle before you could easily tell because and if it fired it would retract into the seat and be locked in.
    The new Clio 3 iii the front seatbelt pretentioners are built into the seat belt retractor rear
    So I was wondering does anybody no how to check or test a pretensioner where the pretensioner is built into the seatbelt retractor not the seatbelt buckle?
    Any help would be appreciated
  2. lemonnobby

    lemonnobby ClioSport Club Member

    Feb 8, 2004
    if you have a diag tool doesnt it say if theres any codes in there if you pear in the rubber flaps on the outside of the seats up mate see the ends poking out if they have fired.

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