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Engine worn

  Clio williams
sad day today having taken the Willians engine block to to be reconditioned I get a telephone call saying the bores are worn and new Pistons are required

Where on earth do u oversize pistons and keeping the ratio the same
Don't have 1000s to spend On forged epq Ect

Do I throw the towel in scrap it sell for parts
What would the shell be worth
Or will a 172 engine fit

Really I was hoping to keep original As its a Williams 1 not many left


ClioSport Club Member
  No car. To speak of.
Do a search on hybrid clio 172 on google

There were a couple of lads on here who had them back in the day.

Also check youtube


ClioSport Club Member
  No car. To speak of.

Foxy was on here. Still is i think but with a beemer.


Should be able to help more. Used to love watching those videos years ago.

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  RB 182/Mk1 F7P+F4R
I definitely wouldn't be fitting anything other than a Williams f7r engine to a Williams, you'll devalue the car hugely deviating from original. Best bet is hunt about on Williamsclio Facebook groups and see if anyone has anything available