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Dr Jekyll meet Mr Hyde - RB Shed Content

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  RB 182/Mk1 F7P+F4R
Happy 190th (k) birthday 🎂

Warts and all showing, not all these old girls can be show Queens so thought I'd go candid and no washing for months just to show that pictures can hide the blemishes. As such no post processing and no filters, just a study of an old motor still in daily use in the depths of the winter!

Thought was maybe an interesting study to compare with @Dr Jekyll minter of an equally well used RB, which is testimate to the time and effort put in to keep a car immaculate despite also using it as intended, hats off to Mark as I sure as hell haven't managed it!










Not at all Ben. As we've always said, if it's maintained and serviced well, then there's no reason they can't go on and on.

Let's be fair, yours has done some miles now and it's had very little in the way of work needed for the miles it on. Some have had more work done on half that. The RB looks great, especially on 190k and as you said, gets used daily. It's hard to maintain its cleanliness.


ClioSport Club Member
  Land Rover
It’s nice to see a well used one still going strong with nearly twice the mileage mine has.

There was a time when nobody would touch a 100,000 mile car....and one with nearly 200,000? I’ll give you £100 for it....

It was corrosion that killed cars back then, l recently read a road test of three 1960’s cars (written in 1968)

They were highly impressed that “after three winters, the Triumph Herald showed no visible corrosion....” l assume that meant the other cars did.

I bought a near new Alfasud back in 1984 and had to scrap it at the first MOT in 1988 “nothing left to weld to” said the garage guy.