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Decade away


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  Clio 182 Cup
Hi all,

Been almost 10 years since I sold my BG 182FF. Still not sure why I sold it. Thinking about getting back into one and been keeping an eye out recently.

Not overly interested in a trophy, and leaning back towards where I initially came from. Happy to spend on the right car. Wondering if anyone knows this car?

Appreciate condition/history is more important than miles at this price bracket hence my question to you.

There is another lower mile, more expensive, newer car on autotrader whuch is at the other end of the country to me which isn't ideal.

Also seen the RB one up for 4k on here but not sure if I would want to go down the more modified route as it is not something I have done previously.

Any thoughts appreciated.

Thanks all


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  Land Rover
The one on Autotrader looks good at under £2500, but they all do.
You can easily end up spending the same again on a seemingly pristine example, as l did.


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  Land Rover
I think you have to be prepared to travel when looking at these cars.
I looked at a few, one in Liverpool (two hour round trip) one in Yorkshire (three hour round trip) one in London (day trip) one in Norfolk (day trip) and a couple local to me.
I’ve had three people interested in my car but not wanting to spend a morning driving to see it.
I can understand this particularly after doing the same only to be disappointed when l got there, and then a bollocking from my missus “you promised me a day in Liverpool, not a morning driving round the docks looking for a dodgy used car seller...”

But having also bought a few Land Rover Defenders over the years, sometimes you just have to travel.

As with Clios there’s loads about but many are not great, my current one was a 400 mile round trip to view.

Darren S

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  Black Gold 182
As above - you'll have to be willing to make the distance if the car that meets your expectations, is far away. When I went looking at the Evo - that was 250 miles away - one way, from me. Then back after I viewed it, then back and forth again once I bought it - in all, 1,000 miles for it to finally appear on the driveway.

They are still common enough for you to have a fair degree of choice as well. Take your time and be quite fussy if needs be - the right car for you is out there. It's not like trying to get a Clio V6 in Deep Bronze where you only have one door to knock upon