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CSF 2019 Picture Thread


ClioSport Club Member
I have 557 images that I am in the process of loading into that will be available in ultra high res for £3.

a quid will goto the photographer, a quid to the pot ( which isnt drawn from for us ! ) and a quid to the mind charity that donated to.

Seems fair?
Will you let us know when these are available Andy?
  21T, 9T, 172, V6
42 images sold ( so far ! ) on

Remember, £1 per image is going to the mind charity.
Yes, thanks everyone for supporting 1)the charity and 2)our club, we dont have membership fees or any advertising at all so we run the whole club solely from what we generate in the shop. Much appreciated :) We're lucky in the fact that we have raised enough to stay afloat, and fund the giant toblerone and Photographer for the day hahaha :)