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Clios spotted around Leeds


ClioSport Club Member
Also seen two red 197s in Hudds the last few days, one R27 and one 197 with cup spoiler. One reg was VO08 and the R27 has been posted in here before.
  Nissan Daily Shed
Easier to see the drivers flashing their lights I guess ;)
Just re-read your post and the VO08 car is the same 197 I saw on the Inner Ring Road.
  Nissan Daily Shed
Two for one this evening.
RB 182 and a Black Ph2 172 together along Whitehall Road towards city centre around 5ish.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172 02
Ah right, had a little play with an Audi on ring road that’s all, cars been in bits ages only got it on road last weekend.
  Nissan Daily Shed
Keep seeing an '06 red 197 parked on Leeds Uni campus most days recently.

Also an '09 white 200 with a few nice mods by Ringways roundabout on Sunday afternoon.
  Clio 182
BG 182 WM54 Ring Road Seacroft heading towards roundhay about 10mins ago

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