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Clio 172 lower wishbones, stock or aftermarket?

  clio 172 ph1
I've been looking for lower wishbones for my clio 172 track car.
Went on ebay and saw a set of Alachi lower wishbones (see link below)
Anyone here have experience with these? are they good?


  monaco 172
No experience with them, but I think pure Motorsport do some with their bearing kit welded in for a similar price?
  clio 172 ph1

Not quite the same price actually
I gave those a look too, but they are based on stock wishbones so no adjustment in camber and castor...
PMS has fully adjustable ones but then you'll have to get the WHOLE package with hubs and stuff, main things is they're HUGELY expensive.
that's why i wanted to know if the Alachi ones could do similar at a much lower price.


ClioSport Club Member
All I can think of is a repeat of the thread. . . .
Interesting product, but very general description.
What material was used, what brand/grade are the bearings?
Would love to have a set, but with Pure you know they were engineered and tested.
Oh, and the hub hearing should be adjustable to, F1 style!😈