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Chris' Petrol Blue Project


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Thought id start a project thread from the off on what is my 3rd Renault Sport Clio. Previous has been a Racing Blue 182 Cup, more of a Show/Fast Road car i guess. Did a couple of track sessions in it. Second was a Ph1, pretty much a full on track car. Was stripped and some engine work, great car but for what it was it was wasted with me. Hardly ever driven which for such a solid capable car was a waste tbh. Fast forward through a Mondeo ST24 and last night 24/01/14 i bought FatRS' Petrol Blue 182. Met up with Mike and his wife last Monday to look over the car, To be honest the second he pulled up in it i knew i was going to buy it. Its been taken care of very well in his ownership. Has been serviced and maintained regardless of cost all its life by the look of the service history. Would be a shame to let that go to waste whilst i have it so iv vowed not to let it slip. Its pretty much standard other than some Eibach springs, 197 RS badge, Carbon splitter and some bright neon/white interior lights.

Only plans i have for it are to improve what is there and keep it clean. On the list are some new RS matts, some brighter side lights to match the Xenons, tart the engine bay up like my old Cup, possibly some Turinis if they suit the colour. The center section of the exhaust needs looking at so am on the search for a standard one ;)





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Looks really clean mate and it's nice to have a rare colour like that.

Wont be taking this one on track then?

Dr Jekyll

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Nice Chris mate. Looked great in the previous owners pics in the car park and I see you comment. It was fate there and then!

Look forward to seeing your work on this one.


South Central-South Coast
ClioSport Area Rep
So yesterday 01/02/14 myself and Fletch met up at Goodwood to have a look around and i got some pictures. I think we both wished we had booked the day now. After a bite to eat we went on a bit of a drive headed for the A272. We had to turn round a one point as the road for us was impassable. I can report back the Clio goes well :) even thought it is standard and you can really notice the 5k kick it shifts along at a good pace. We stopped off at a garage to let the cars cool down and grab a drink.


Me and Fletch both agree PB doesn't look good dirty. Also the new RS badge for the rear doesn't work for me so am going to order some original Clio and RS badges as well as some clean number plates. Got it home and immediately washed it with what little of the detailing gear i had left over from when i had my RB. Getting some more bits for cleaning is next on the job sheet. Iv borrowed Tim's MOP so will hopefully be taught by Sam on how not to burn through the paint and get the paint work looking spot on.

Other bits that need looking at on the car is the exhaust still and the heat shield that sounds like its come adrift of its fixings. Then come spring will sort out the engine bay. Got a few trips lined up this year for the Clio including a trip to the Ring. Anyway went out this morning ​02/02/14 to get some photos to try and show off the depth of the paint. Got a couple that shows the green and gold highlights but only very slightly.





Looks like a different colour in the sun :cool:
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Have a look at my Petrol Blue with the updated RS badge but not the Newest one. I think it worked.


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It's so hard to get a photo of PB in the sun to compliment the colour. Have you seen pics of my PB?


South Central-South Coast
ClioSport Area Rep
It's so hard to get a photo of PB in the sun to compliment the colour. Have you seen pics of my PB?
I have mate, very nice ;)

Sorry about today fella, lets rearrange soon.
Dont worry mate. Done it myself anyway :rasp: (thanks for the advice though)

Well the weekend went a bit like this.

Saturday 8/02/14 was the annual trip to SRR, been going the past 4 years. Was a great day out if a little disappointing, made 164 BHP and 142 ftlb. Charlie said its fine and the AFR is good so for a standard car that hasn't been driven hard for over a year im happy with it.


Sunday 9/02/14 was a day of cleaning, polishing and waxing. Don't have any pictures of the process but took all afternoon. Had bought a Das6 DA and Auto Finesse's Reavitalise System and a few other bits and bobs to give the PB a good chance to show of the amazing colour. Waxed it with some Meguires stuff i had knocking about but would like to top it up with something a little new, maybe some Dodo Juice. Got a couple of pictures today in a well lit car park.




Had some other bits turn up as well including a battery cover and alloy foot rest from MAD. There fitted but haven't got any pictures yet as there is some work to do under the bonnet and also in the cabin. Also managed to get the car up in the air yesterday to see what is rattling so much. I thought it was the heat shield, sadly its actually the baffles in the exhaust ! So before the Ring trip il get a RS192 sorted i think :)


South Central-South Coast
ClioSport Area Rep

Cleans up so nice and you have captured the colour well!
Cheers mate

jealous of your dads car
Hahahahah, As i was telling the others hes put more miles on the clio than i have !!

Can't wait to see this next weekend. Looks awesome bud.
Looking forward to it mate

Done well for a noob there! Glad i could be of help too
Cheers pal, need to sample some decent wax next

Chris, this is the badge I had, sorry for the s**t pic!


Epic pics btw!
Cheers Jon