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[4/Jul 2018] The Dukes Head, Billericay 19:00


South East - Essex
ClioSport Area Rep
With the success of last weeks evening meet/ dinner/ chat/ waffle/ get bitten by horseflies/ stand around in the car park in the dark for hours afterwards at The Hare, lets try for a second successful invasion in Billericay this time ?

The Dukes Head, Laindon Common Rd, Little Burstead, Billericay CM12 9TA, UK

Decent food and beers, lots of outside space on posh tables or benches on the grass near the pond.

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I saw the first post but didn't see the date in the header, my bad ?
I'm sure the meet will be on your mind when you're ogling extremely rich, attractive, single young ladies* wearing very little!

EDIT: or men, or transgender people - this is 2018, after all, and we are open-minded about these things...


ClioSport Club Member
Cool,have to look into what little route to take and where to end up at.

So will look into options and feel free to all put down what roads to go on and go to?,maybe best to start another thread soon with this to.


ClioSport Admin
Going to be double busy on Wednesday now because of some useless prick coming moany on eBay who didn’t despatch some shelving on time.

I’ll meet you all there if I can make it
  SG9 Forester STi
I’ll hopefully be picking my car up on weds. Will try my best to be there. If I do get there I might have to bring the little ones and just show for a bit.

*secretly only coming to see the Vee ?


South East - Essex
ClioSport Area Rep
See you tonight then boys and girls.

Will look to sit outside - probably on the benches to the left of the entrance and keep out the way a bit...

Food's generally damn good, and so are the beers - so bring a driver ?