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2001 Clio 1.4 16v Running Lumpy/Shaking

I recently bought a 2001 Renault Clio 1.4 16v 'Privilege'. It's done around 65k but as far as I know it hasn't been serviced since 35k. Headed straight to get fuel after buying it and two miles down the road it started running really lumpy. Once filled, it took 2-3 goes to start up and i had to rev it quite a bit as it felt like it wanted to cut out in idle - ran rough all the way home, shaking, jumpy and slow on acceleration, especially in low gears... unfortunately it's been this way ever since. Often it suddenly gets life in higher revs but then pulls back again after not too long.

So far I have changed...spark plugs, ignition coil pencils, air filter and i also cleaned the crankshaft sensor. Start up still not smooth, but once going it seems fine for a few miles before it starts playing up again. Doesn't seem to want to cut out in idle now but still lumpy/shaking.

OBD II (Cheap Fault Code Reader) shows codes:
  • P0711 Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor Circuit Range/Performance
  • B0500 Not clear what this is, lots of different info online - any ideas?
Hopefully going to use my father in law's reader tomorrow which is a bit better and see if that says the same.

Unsure how to check transmission fluid levels/transmission fluid temp sensor condition tbh, there's minimal videos/info online for this model. My engine bay is unlike 'regular' MK2 Clios that there are loads of videos for. As you may have figured, i'm a bit of a novice but trying to figure it out and learn from it.

Transmission fluid and transmission fluid temp sensor aside, any ideas of what I should try next (besides going to the garage)?

Any help would be great!



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I hear lambda sensors are a usual culprit for lumpy idle. Could be engine heat related if it comes up after a few miles i.e. when it gets warm?

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Thanks for your reply. I had read somewhere about the Lambda sensor, will try that. Sounds about right as it is after a few miles. Engine temp dial on dash never goes over half way
Plugged in my father in laws code reader earlier and no faults are showing. Plugged in my OCB II and none on that either? Strange. Diagnostics for the pre Lambda really variable when on idle. Post lambda solid reading. So going to try lambda in the next few days...

On another note I disconnected the electrical connector plug for the idle control valve and it was sitting in water. Cleaned this up. Hopefully that's not been the issue after all - Haven't had a chance to go for a test drive since.
lambda after cat wont affect running just give you a warning light as far as I know it will be the pre cat one if its a lambda causing the issue which would be my next port of call since you have done the coils (common on this engine) and the plugs since it hasn't been serviced
Thanks for your reply. Its a manual with a fob. I read somewhere that wiring looms can be problematic. I'm hoping to change the lambda in the next few days and if it's not that I'm going to my f in laws wkend before Xmas to give it an oil & oil filter change, so he could always change the wiring loom at the same time. If this is the problem, should I be driving it there though?


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He could always change the wiring loom at the same time. If this is the problem, should I be driving it there though?
Where are you going to source an engine loom though?

A major clean up of all connections is where to start.

Plus the 90 pin connector to the ECU.

As always, compression check the engine before throwing parts at it.


Not sure when the belt was fitted - hopefully at its last service, but that's still 30k!

True, not had a look at sourcing a wiring loom but if I start with cleaning each connector and the 90 pin connector? Haven't done a compression test either, would the code readers not do this - can buy the compression test kit online for quite cheap.

Going to change lambda/oil/oil filter anyway as I'm learning and want a bit of a project.