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182 Rear braided brake lines


ClioSport Club Member

Does anyone sell rear braided brake lines for the 182 on their own. I already have the front braided so don’t want to buy a full kit.




ClioSport Club Member
Hel do. You can buy either end, or four. Watch out though as a couple of places were cheaper than going directly.


ClioSport Club Member
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The small ones that go from car to axle or the ones that run along the axle to the caliper?
If its the short ones I have two new proline ones sitting here, cant post for a few weeks though
  182 attempt #2
Mertin’s offered first so I don’t want to steal his thunder, but if you are in a rush I have a set of rears that I can post tonight if you’re wanting them quickly-ish. Think they’re HEL or Matt Lewis Racing maybe. Used but in good working order.


ClioSport Trader
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As you're asking I guess pro line motorsport are out of the question already? Try emailing Hel or Goodrich directly. Or maybe @Kev@KAM could help?
Bit late to the party but yes we sell them individually from the fronts. Popular colours are in stock too...
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