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Which Engine Mods - Pre Turbo Fitting


ClioSport Club Member

I am after some advice regarding engine upgrades that will improve the current NA engine setup, however that won’t go to waste when I decide to turbo the 172 Cup.

Power related mods to date:
  • Car back KTEC Exhaust
  • K&N Venom induction with direct cold feed from a front fog
The car has multiple other mods as it begins it’s next life as a track car, however they all relate to stripping and upgrading handling.

Currently I’m running the standard 172 manifold as changing to a 182 manifold is wasted when I turbo.

Any advice on mods that can work with a turbo at a later date would be appreciated.
(Obviously maps need updating per mods anyway)



ClioSport Club Member
No real need for cams tbh.

You'll still make 230 ish on low boost and as much as you want on high depending on supporting mods i.e. forged pistons/rods.


ClioSport Club Member
Not going to turbo for 6 months so I want mods I can do now, thatcan be left in place and benefit further when the turbo is introduced.

Map will happen, but just not sure whether to add any other bits first before the map


ClioSport Club Member
I’m after more power for 6 months before boost.

If I can improve power with mods that the turbo will then also benefit from, then great!
Loose some weight then.

Standard front seats weigh 25kg a piece, loose the rear seats & spare wheel/toolkit..

That`s about 10 horses there.

And as winters about to arrive, get some rubber that still works at close to freezing point, or you are wasting your time.


ClioSport Moderator
@Jamesgsi1983 ANY performance cams for an n/a engine won’t work due to valve overlap etc in a forced induction engine. Forced induction engines don’t need the same things as a n/a engine to make horsepower. The standard cams work the best in that scenario. You’re trying to chase the impossible chase I’m afraid.


ClioSport Club Member
Chasing marginal gains which won't assist a turbo upgrade is an easy way to drain your bank balance for no return in the long run. As stated above lightening the car is a good "free" way to deliver more power.
Just sit tight until you can go for the turbo upgrade, good cost effective "bang for your buck".


ClioSport Club Member
not long, good few hundred miles so far but nice torque curve so no reason for it to go pop!!!
Nice, only reason I’m so interested is I’ve been pondering on the idea of giving mine a sniff more boost lately, just to add a bit more.. Who mapped it?

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