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What to buy to bring back the fun

  monaco 172
Are there any basic mods I have missed here that could get me out the house to spend some time under the car without spending a fortune?

Currently got all the usual, new cup shocks, eibatch springs, SS exhaust, powerflexed front end and dogbone, rebuilt the front calipers and replaced the disks and pads with brembo hc, regular servicing, fatty induction, braided lines

Not sure what else I can do without breaking the bank. All I can think of is a new steering wheel or a pms shifter but that's not cheap.


ClioSport Club Member
Cheapest feel good mod that transfers the drive for me is an aftermarket wheel. A deep dish or mid dished type that will bring the wheel closer to you. I had the suede OMP WRC and it transformed the drive totally from that stupid satellite dish OE wheel with the dumbest steering angle possible for a hot hatch, to a smaller wheel which was nice to the touch and brought the wheel much closer to you, so you could actually drive the car with your lower arms not your shoulders. Also with the smaller wheel you reduce steering circle so you can keep your thumbs locked over the wheel spokes at a 10 to 2 position on spirited drives out without ever having to remove your hands for overlapping movements, whereas with the OE wheel I found I was constantly shuffling the damn thing in my hands. Even with 90 degree turns my hands (thumbs) never left the wheel with the 350mm OMP.