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What have you done to your car today ???


ClioSport Club Member
Had 2 PS 3's fitted on the front after getting a puncture the other night. While I had the front in the air I raised the suspension 10mm and refitted the arch liner. Cheapo coilover covers done a good job so far, threads were lovely and clean😊. Fitted new headlamps last weekend too. I think that's enough spannering for a couple of years now!


ClioSport Club Member
Had a busy weekend in general.

The daily dci got some love.
  1. Full 172 front running gear
  2. Removed 172k oil burner
  3. Fitted 90k engine with new waterpump and cambelt
  4. Plated up the sunroof as couldnt be bothered sorting the leaks
Just got to change the rear shoes, bleed the fronts and get the tracking done as its quite far out due new inner and outer track rods.


ClioSport Club Member
Ph 2 non cup 172 .

Finally got round to fitting the new OE rear discs, handbrake cables (182), brake pipes & Ridex rear calipers ( less hassle than rebuilding the originals ) I have

accumulated over the last 4 weeks, along with HEL braided lines to replace the short rear flexi`s. & some new pads.

I had to crank up the 2 nuts on the adjuster rod of the hand brake lever as there is a fractional difference in the inner /outer lengths between 172 & 182 cables

to get a decent hand brake lever.

Job done, reckon I can forget any issues in this area in the foreseeable future.



ClioSport Club Member
Changed the mani-cat on my Mrs’ car. Started at 3pm and finished by 6pm! Result!

Everything on a Peugeot 107 is so easy!!

The old one was a little bit worse for wear...




I blame Toyota for using w**k steel, it’s an 07 plate car with 86k. You’d think it was 30 year old by the amount of rot on it


ClioSport Club Member
Replaced the chipped and peeling door trims and bullets on my project flamer.

Has anyone else found they rub through the paint where they touch? Very tiny bit of rust developing where it has so open to suggestions on what to do to halt it.